Why Induction Cooking is the Future

Why cook on induction?

Cooking on an induction stove is future-proof. However, what of course does not help is that there is a lot of uncertainty on the internet about the advantages and disadvantages of different heat sources. For example, it is said that induction plates cool down quickly (while they are on) and that you can precisely set the heat on a gas stove. Nothing could be further from the truth and here are a number of facts about cooking on induction.


An induction cooker or hob does not get hot, so you don’t have to pay attention to where you put your hands. In addition, it uses electricity so you do not have the danger of a gas bottle. In short, a lot safer than a traditional gas stove!

Quickly warm

The induction stove or hob heats up very quickly, making cooking really super fast. Even faster than with a gas stove (yes, really :)). What is also very nice, on the other hand, is that induction also cools down quickly the moment you turn it off. So no children with burnt fingers.

Easy to clean

An induction cooker or hob is always flat and made of glass, making it easy to clean. As mentioned above, induction cools down quickly and you can wipe it with a cloth soon after cooking. The tidy is neat!

Purchase of new pans

One of the biggest misconceptions about the transition from a gas stove to an induction stove is that you can get rid of your entire cookware set and buy new ones. This is not completely true. The fact is that if the bottom of your (old) pan is no longer flat and has dents, then it does not connect with induction and cannot give heat. However, have you just bought new pans, and are they still in perfect condition? Then there is no reason to get rid of it.

Gas costs are on the rise

As you may have noticed in the invoices you receive for the use of gas, the costs are considerably higher compared to a few years ago. This is because the Netherlands wants to reduce gas consumption and go for a sustainable solution. Fortunately, the US also understands that this involves more costs than just the purchase of a new stove and for this, they have created the subsidy for a natural gas-free home.

An induction stove is future-proof

Do you want to buy an induction cooker? Then read carefully about all the specifications, models, and dimensions that are available. Did you know that an induction cooker 90 cm is the most bought?