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What is the distinction in between a soundbar and also a sound base?

One of the most common designs for soundbars is fairly literally a bar: it’s a long, slim speaker that’s commonly coupled with a cordless speaker. The subwoofer can make a big distinction, and if you have an option between an “onboard” or separate sub, go with the distinct version. The soundbar can be wall-mounted or, a lot more frequently, positioned on the stand in front of the TELEVISION. It’s mainly an easy style, although there can be some downsides consisting of the prospective to obstruct your TV’s remote sensor.




Audio bases are even sleeker than the a lot more conventional bar layout: they function as a stand for your TELEVISION and also consequently never ever block the TELEVISION’s remote sensor. Zvox pioneered this design, and also in spite of excellent designs such as the Sonos Playbase, yet this design has actually unfortunately befalled of style. The major reason is that tvs have relocated far from central columns for feet situated at each end– primarily for safety reasons. This successfully renders small “bases” mainly unusable for large TVs while smaller, 40-inch TVs need to still fit on them.


Aside from minimal availability, the various other prospective disadvantages of the pedestal layout is bass, or absence thereof. Noise bases usually lack a different speaker as well as battle to generate the same kind of deep bass that traditional soundbars with speakers are capable of.


Do I need to use the remote that features the soundbar?

While most soundbars consist of a remote, they’re pretty second-rate quality-wise, and most producers enable you to use your TELEVISION’s remote instead.


In theory, it’s not a poor suggestion: no one desires another remote to deal with. In practice, it’s often much more bothersome. After you disable your TV’s internal speakers, some TVs can show an aggravating status message whenever they receive quantity remote commands, which will certainly occur if you’re utilizing your TV remote to regulate your soundbar. The most convenient workaround for this issue is using your cable box’s remote with a quantity control or purchasing an universal remote.


Do I need a soundbar with a front-panel display screen?

Zvox Z-Base 420 front-panel screen

An official front-panel display screen behaves, but not an essential.


Sarah Tew/CNET

A shocking number of soundbars do not have a true front-panel display screen, so you do not obtain much (or any) visual comments regarding just how loud the quantity is or what input you’re on.


A front-panel screen is absolutely nice– especially if it’s well-hidden, like on the Zvox SB500– yet we do not assume they’re vital. Typically, you just turn the volume approximately at a comfy level as well as it doesn’t matter a lot if you’re at “20” or “30.” Some soundbars, and also right here we’re considering Vizio versions, have a puzzling collection of LEDs that are expected to refer to the input you’re on, but are virtually even worse than no display whatsoever.