Tips: This is the Best Humidity for Your Wooden Furniture!

Dime house’s wooden furniture is made from sustainable and natural materials, most of which come from India. The wooden products in our web shop are all handmade with natural woods, including solid mango wood and acacia wood.


Solid wood is available in many shapes, sizes, and styles. There is wood that looks very chic, due to fine finishes and figures, and there is tougher-looking wood due to robust colors and shapes. Our furniture is often made of durable solid mango wood. This type of wood is suitable for almost any interior!

We don’t really need to say that solid mango wood has its own effect. This can be seen in pictures. We also always state that solid mango wood is never identical to the product as shown in the photo. These are minimal differences where you can think of irregularities and color differences.


When do you have a chance of an extreme effect on a wooden product? In the winter! In this season, the stoves are switched on again, which can cause effects in wood. But how can you best deal with this? We give you all the tips and tricks!


It is very important that the humidity in your home is in good order. Humidity plays a major role. You do not always notice that there is something wrong with the humidity, but when you notice it you are actually too late again. Humidity not only affects your health but also furniture and other items in the house.

If the humidity in your home is between 40% and 60%, this is great! Do you deviate from this and is the humidity above 60%? Then the following problems can arise: 

  • Metal can rust
  • The walls can contain moisture, making it even wet.
  • Mold spreads faster
  • Windows fog up
  • Wood can peel and even rot

Is the humidity lower than 40%? Then completely different problems arise:

  • Bad for your health! Dry eyes, sore throat, headache, and even the mucous membranes will feel some of this
  • It gets dusty faster, the dust starts to wander
  • Wood will warp because it dries out


As we indicated earlier, the ideal humidity is between 40% and 60%. Are you below and / or still a lot of above? Then this is not only bad for your health, but also for wooden furniture. Wood always has its effect. This means that the wood has never been worked out and will always ‘work’. During the winter months, the stoves and heaters turn on again, which means that the temperature difference between inside and outside is large. This makes it very dry inside the house and the wooden products will also feel this. So they have a hard time. The perfect humidity for wooden furniture is around 50% to 55%.


How do you keep your wooden furniture beautiful with high humidity? When it is too dry in your house, this is bad for your health and furniture. But how can you prevent this? We recommend hanging water evaporators on the stove. These are now available in trendy designs. In a day it takes 5 to 6 liters of water to evaporate!

The dry air can cause wooden furniture to get small cracks. How do you deal with this? Superglue works wonders. Make sure you let the drops of superglue fall into the cracks and then gently sand around them until you get a nice whole again. Take care of the spot with our care kit for untreated wood and you will not see anything again.

It can sometimes happen that tables or cabinets start to wobble and that the screws become loose. It is therefore good to tighten the screws every six months. Wood expands which is the cause. Don’t you? Then wood can expand even further and the product wobbles even more.


The wooden products are all already treated in the factories. They are smeared with a clear coat. This clear coat ensures that the table is protected. It is always good to treat your product again after you have received it.

Solid wood products are sensitive to bleach and other cleaning agents. We always recommend taking our wood care kit. Then you know for sure that you are doing it right and that you can enjoy it for years.

It is possible that you accidentally put a hot cup on the table without using a coaster. And the white border is quickly visible on your table. How do you deal with this? There’s an old-fashioned way to get the circle out. Namely: take a cotton tea towel, put it on the spot where you have the circles, and place an iron on it (the lightest setting) for 20 seconds and the circle is gone. Then treat this with our oil (care kit) and your table will look like it did before.


With poor humidity, it is sometimes difficult to keep the wooden product as beautiful as possible. So again, do not lubricate with your own oils or cleaning products, but make sure that you lubricate the wooden product once in a while with our care kit. This agent is suitable for all types of wood and provides a nice finish to the product.

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