Tips For Designing Kitchen

Are you planning to install a new kitchen? Then you have to think carefully about how you want to arrange this. A kitchen should not only look beautiful but also be practical. This makes a big difference when cooking. In this article, you will read some essential things that you must take into account when classifying. You can also get inspiration for the style and lighting of the kitchen.


If you are going to design a kitchen, then a practical layout is of great importance. After all, a kitchen is used a lot and you don’t want to run into impractical matters. A practical layout of the kitchen consists of the following five zones:

  1. The Rinse And Waste Zone

The most important part in the rinsing and waste zone is the sink. Here you rinse the food and do the dishes. You also sort the waste in this zone and clean it up. When designing the kitchen you must ensure that the rinsing and waste zone is located between the storage zone and the cooking and baking zone. Read more about the perfect sink here.

  1. The Preparation Zone

The most important part of the preparation zone is worksheet. You prepare the food for this by chopping, shredding, kneading and mixing. You are going to set up the kitchen in such a way that the cupboards and drawers at the worktop are used to store the kitchen items. When preparing the kitchen, the preparation zone is located between the rinsing and waste zones and the cooking and baking zones. Discover here materials and prices for kitchen worktops.

  1. Cooking And Baking

The most important part of the cooking and baking zone is the hob. When setting up the kitchen, make sure that you have pots, pans and other cooking and baking utensils immediately at hand. The oven also belongs to the cooking and baking zone, but it does not necessarily have to be located near the hob. After all, you use an oven less often than the hob. If you are going to furnish a kitchen, the cooking and baking zone should be next to the preparation zone.

  1. The Stock

The most important part of the storage zone is the refrigerator. The refrigerator is important in the design of the kitchen. You might not say it, but the fridge is opened and closed 35 times a day on average. The other components of this zone are the tall cupboards and the storage drawers. When setting up the kitchen, make sure that the storage zone is close to the cooking zone.

  1. Storage

In the storage zone you will find the things that you do not use every day. You do not have to give this zone a central place when furnishing the kitchen. You must assume that the storage area will take up the most space when the kitchen is set up.


Are you looking for ideas for kitchen design? First, consider which kitchen style you want. Different kitchen styles often overlap. For example, the ideas for a kitchen design that you acquire in a nostalgic kitchen can be used very well in a country kitchen. You can distinguish three main groups in the various kitchen styles:

The Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen is characterized in terms of design by clean lines, a smooth finish and advanced equipment. If you are going to furnish a modern kitchen, you are thinking of: a kitchen island, handle-less fronts and a designer faucet. Furnishing the modern kitchen means working with materials such as wood, stone, glass or high-quality plastic. Ideas for modern kitchen design are modern kitchen appliances from the best brands and striking and striking colors such as white, blue, gray, black and red. Get more inspiration about modern kitchens here.

The Country Kitchen

When designing a country kitchen it is mainly about the atmosphere of the home feeling. The country kitchen is especially cozy and cozy. Natural materials are used in the design of the country kitchen. Ideas for the country kitchen are: many pure, natural materials such as wooden or stone floors, use of so-called framed doors that were often encountered on farms, a freestanding stove and a large stone sink. Read more tips about the layout of a country kitchen here.

The Timeless Kitchen

You will not be tired of a timeless kitchen after a year or so; such a kitchen will last for many years without going out of time. Setting up a timeless kitchen means using many neutral elements and colors. Ideas for the timeless kitchen are: use of shapes and materials that always remain up-to-date, not the latest gadgets, but solid and good kitchen appliances, predominantly light (white, cream, beige) colors.

Use Lighting in Kitchen Design

In the past, we used the kitchen exclusively for cooking and washing dishes. Nowadays, the kitchen has become much more of a living and meeting place. The interior of the kitchen may therefore all look a bit more livable. Lighting is essential when designing the kitchen. We know three types of kitchen lighting:

  1. General Lighting

General lighting is your basic lighting and usually comes from one fixed point that is placed centrally in the kitchen. Usually, recessed or surface-mounted spots or traditional luminaires are chosen. If you only have one connection point, it is best to opt for a luminaire with several directional spots.

  1. Work Lighting

The task lighting helps you to carry out the work you do in the kitchen. This prevents, for example, getting tired eyes or shadows falling on your work surface. The task lighting is therefore usually installed under the hanging cupboards and above the worktop.

  1. Atmospheric Lighting

We stay in our kitchen more often and longer and then we also want a bit of atmosphere around us. You create the best atmosphere with dimmable lighting and indirect lighting (for example, a light in a display cabinet).