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This is How You Choose the Right Dining Room Chairs

Dining room chairs come in all shapes and sizes. Are you going to a dining room chair with armrests or without? Are you going for fabric, rattan, or metal? You also have many choices in the base: straight legs crossed legs, metal or wooden legs. Endless choices!

A number of points are important when choosing dining room chairs. Consider, for example, the atmosphere you want to create in your home, the comfort of the chair, and what is practical in the space of your home. Here are some questions to ask when choosing the right dining room chairs for your dining area.

Which chairs provide a nice seating comfort?

First, you measure the dimensions of your table. How many chairs fit at the table and how high should these chairs be for a pleasant seating comfort? Can you slide the chairs under the dining table? These are all questions that are important when choosing the dining chairs. The seat height of a dining room chair is usually between 40 and 45 cm and the seat depth 40 cm. A good height for the dining table with these dimensions is around 75 cm. A little more or less is also fine.

Do you want dining room chairs with armrests or without?

You also have to choose whether you go for a chair with or without armrests. Chairs with an armrest take up a little more space, so check carefully whether this suits your dining table. For example, if the legs of the dining table are slanted, there is less space for chairs with a backrest. An armrest is nice for comfort, but you can always hang it on the couch. 😉

Different dining room chairs or everything the same?

Different dining room chairs at a table give a playful effect. The same dining room chairs provide more peace in the interior. What suits your interior? If you have a quiet dining area, you can make it more playful with different dining room chairs.

Which frame suits the dining area?

You also include the frame of the chair in the decision. Do you have a wooden floor and a wooden table? Then a dining room chair with a wood-colored base might be less suitable. For a nice contrast, you can, for example, opt for a black frame for the chairs. Did you choose different seats in the previous step? Then you create a beautiful whole with chairs with the same color base!

Which color dining room chairs match your dining area?

Now for the choice of the color of the seats. Do you already have many colored items in your interior? Then keep that in mind when choosing the dining room chairs. Then you can, for example, go for chairs in somewhat calmer shades, which provide a contrast with the rest of the interior.

Which materials do you choose?

You have chairs in many different materials; rattan, metal, plastic. Do you want a playful effect? Then go for dining room chairs in different colors and materials.

What do you want to spend on the dining room chairs?

Finally – but of course also important – is the budget. Dining room chairs can differ considerably in price. Check how much you want to spend in advance and look for dining room chairs in that price range.

Styling of the dining area

In addition to dining room chairs, also choose beautiful pendant lamps as eye-catchers for the dining area. This hanging lamp ‘Finn’ is for sale at Karwei. The round sphere with ‘smokey’ glass is adjustable and immediately gives a lot of atmosphere to our dining area.

In this example, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and crockery from it has been chosen for the further decoration of the dining area. This service is made of terracotta and available in various colors and designs. This service is too much fun to store, so you can of course just leave it on the table when you are not using it!