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These Are the Nicest Bedside Tables for the Bedroom

The nightstand next to your bed is probably a more important piece of furniture than you think. It is the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see when you go to sleep. You want a bedroom nightstand to be functional and beautiful. Can’t find your ideal nightstand? We will help you with that.

Everyone wants something different from a nightstand. Some just like to have a cupboard to put an alarm clock, telephone, and a book on, but others use it as a storage place for several things. Something for everyone.

Nice bedroom bedside tables

1. Two in one

A handy set of two cabinets from MADE. The cabinets both have a large drawer where you can store a lot. The light wooden color and neutral tones ensure that this cabinet looks good in any interior.

2. Bamboo

This bamboo cabinet from JYSK is truly a personal favorite. It is a cute little cabinet with a drawer and an extra place to put books or magazines.

3. Floating bedside table

If you prefer a little more aware of? Then this floating bedside table is a good option for you. Ideal when you have a small bedroom and want to save space on the floor for other items.

4. High and round

A completely different kind of bedside table is this one from IKEA. You can also easily adjust the height of this table. It has a tray to put things on and a tray to put things in.

5. Flaming red

Do you want to make a real statement with your nightstand? Then this red bedside table from IKEA is something for you. The steel look makes the cabinet look industrial and the red makes it completely unique.

6. Plenty of drawers

Are you more in need of bedroom bedside tables with more storage space for all your clutter? Then you better opt for a cabinet with more drawers such as this black cabinet from Home24.

7. Oak bedside table

This white and oak bedside table from JYSK fits well in any bedroom. It has a calm color and is incredibly functional due to the drawers and the plateau. What makes this bedside table special is the high edge at the top.

8. Nice and round

Very different from the above bedside tables is this dark wooden cabinet from MADE. The warm color is perfect for an attractive bedroom and the round shape makes it completely special.

9. Nice and narrow

This bedside table is perfect if you don’t have a large bedroom. It is nice and narrow, but at the same time functional due to the drawer and the two trays to put something on.

10. Blue and broad

The elegant blue color of this cabinet is incredibly trendy and is sure to look great in your bedroom. The golden detail of the legs makes this cabinet unique. The cabinet not only looks good but is also functional due to the drawers and the wide surface.