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These 5 (Almost) Free Ways Will Help You Give Your Home a Makeover

People often wait until the house needs a renovation to upgrade things. That could be for reasons. For example, you may want to save, or you just don’t have enough time to spend on your house. Good news: we have made a list of 5 (almost) free ways to give your home a makeover.

Don’t worry, these adjustments will be ready before you know it.

This way you can easily give your house a makeover

1. Style empty spaces with your favorite home accessories

Wanting to use your coffee table as empty and clean as possible might be one of your goals. But try distributing your favorite home accessories within your interior. Think of an antique statue that you received from your grandparents or a golden bookend with palm trees that reminds you of your last vacation.

2. Make use of flowers and plants

You have them in every shape and size. From a giant banana tree in the corner of the house to dried pampas grass for your desk. If you are a true romantic and you don’t like too much fuss, go for a bunch of gypsophilas. Do you want more color in your home? Then choose chrysanthemums. They are cheap and remain beautiful for a long time.

Tip: go for a colored vase with a print for a real eye-catcher.

3. Replace door knobs and handles

You usually choose certain door knobs and handles once during the move. It may even be the case that you still have the same doorknobs and handles that not you, but the previous occupant chose. You may never have thought of this, but replacing these details gives your interior a huge touch-up.

Have you made a lot of use of natural shades in your home and do you still want something striking? Then colored door knobs and handles are ideal for that. You have them from palm trees to graceful flowers.

4. Hang your wall decoration at eye level

A ‘mistake’ that is often made is that the chosen wall decoration is placed too high. After all, you place wall decoration for yourself, because you like it. Then why not at eye level? This way your wall decoration is more striking and you can still enjoy it every day.

5. Go for a different layout

Have you already implemented the above tips and are you not (yet) satisfied? Then we advise you to adjust the layout of your interior. It costs nothing and it looks like you just moved.