The Nicest Lighting For The Nursery

Of course you will soon find a lot of information and tips on how you can best illuminate your living room or bathroom. But your child’s room is also not unimportant. Which light is more fun, both during the day while playing or at night when your child goes to sleep? In this blog article you will learn more about the nicest lighting for the nursery.

Night Light

Small children sometimes have difficulty falling asleep in the dark. Some little ones still believe in ghosts and monsters. A night light can offer a solution in such a situation. You can then opt for a

standard model with a very soft light to easily fall asleep. There are also nicer night lights with your child’s favorite cartoon character, such as Miffy or Zazu. In addition to the standard recessed spotlights , there is therefore a great deal of choice for the nursery.

Desk Lights

Which child does not like drawing, crafting or watching nice videos on the tablet? A desk lamp fits well with that, so that you do not have to illuminate the entire room immediately. Then you can again opt for a standard lamp or a funny figure. It is just what you and your child like.

Moon Night Lamp

Does your child like sleeping under the stars? You don’t have to go outside together for that. There are special lamps that mimic the moon and starry skies. You can choose ‘glow in the dark’ stars. They go out slowly when no more light shines on it. There are also special ceiling lights that look like a starry sky. This lamp is mounted on the ceiling. The ceiling lamp does not go out. You switch this lamp off when it can be completely dark.

Nowadays a moon lamp is very popular and looks like the moon in miniature. Because this lamp does not give much light, your child can easily fall asleep. You also take this off when the little one has finally fallen asleep. These lamps also have an educational touch. Through different positions you can show the phases of the moon with the light. Super handy and educational!

In short, there are so many ways to illuminate your child’s room in a fun and pleasant way. If your child sleeps under the moon, stars or with a nice night light, it is no longer afraid of ghosts or monsters. Your son or daughter can also do fun things to your heart’s content at the desk in the nursery.