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The Latest Color Trends of the Moment

You would like a new color in your home, but you don’t know which one yet. Then it is useful to get some inspiration! It is always difficult to choose the perfect color. In this article, we will highlight a color that you may not immediately think of. Pink! A color trend of the moment and a pink wall in the house is certainly not out of place!

Pink wall in the house

Pink gives peace. With this color on the walls, you make the room soft and light and give your interior a modern and trendy look! We have already left the days when this color was only for girls. Gender blur has been around for a while in the fashion world but has now also reached the interior trend. Gender blur means that the line between men and women is blurring in society. You can therefore consider pink in your interior as a statement!

Color palette

This trend works especially well when you combine different shades. Ton Sur ton on the walls. The different shades that you can combine well are old, soft, powder pink, beige, and coral as a bright counterpart.

If you don’t want too much pink in your interior, choose to paint one wall in this color. This wall combines beautifully with other light colors such as white, beige, or light green.

Combine pink at home

The color pink in the house provides a light interior. The most beautiful materials to combine this color with are concrete, wood, linen, sleek and airy furniture. Even plants combine with the color pink. Pink fits in well with the ‘organic’ trend anyway. Earth tones predominate here. Do you have an urban jungle at home? Try painting a wall pink and see how beautifully these two styles combine.

Pink in the bedroom

Pink is therefore no longer only suitable for the girl’s bedroom. Give your bedroom a luxurious look with different shades or give your living room a modern and trendy look. Also, take a look inside the house of stylist Marij Hessel. She also combines shades of pink in the home. She also has a pink wall in the house and painted a cupboard the same color pink. This gives a nice effect!

Choose color

Get the rollers and brushes at home! Or are you not yet convinced of this color pink on the wall? Then view this article with tips for choosing color at home. Perhaps there is a color that fits better in your interior.