The 7 Advantages of Induction Cooking

In the USA, cooking on induction is almost indispensable. But what exactly is that, induction?

Induction is an energy-efficient and safe way of cooking. With an induction hob, you can not only quickly bring something to the boil, but you also save time and energy. When you place a pan on a cooking zone, it is automatically recognized and the heating process starts. The magnetic field ensures very fast heating of the pan. When the pan is removed from the hob, the hob cools down quickly. This way of cooking is therefore very safe and energy-efficient.

Cooking on induction has many advantages.

We have listed 7 for you

1. Safe cooking

Induction is known as a safe way of cooking, thanks to the smart technology in the hob. The induction hobs from Invent um are equipped with useful functions that make cooking not only easy for you but also safe. With the residual heat indicator, for example, you know exactly when a cooking zone is still too hot to touch, and with the key lock, you can easily clean the hob without accidentally switching it on, which is very handy!

2. Induction does the work for you

Do you never want to be bothered by overcooking or burning your food again? Then an induction hob provides the solution. You simply set the desired temperature, then turn on a timer and in the meantime, you can continue with the preparation of the next course.

3. Boost function

The induction hobs are also equipped with a separately adjustable boost function. What exactly does a boost function do? This handy function temporarily provides extra power. Very useful when, for example, you want to quickly boil water for pasta or potatoes.

4. Flexible cooking with the bridge function

A number of Inventum induction hobs also have a bridge function. With this function you link two separate cooking zones, creating one large cooking surface for cooking with a roasting pan, for example. Ideal during the holidays when the whole family comes over!

5. High-speed vitro-ceramic glass

An extra sturdy hob that can also withstand heat, cold, and even sudden extreme temperature changes? Then you should opt for an induction hob with high-speed vitro-ceramic glass. All Inventum induction hobs have a top layer of this type of glass.

6. Energy efficient

Induction cooking often saves money, because induction hobs use energy much more efficiently than, for example, gas and ceramic hobs. The heat is immediately generated in a cooking zone when you start cooking, but as soon as you are done and remove the pan, this heat is also immediately broken down again.

7. Easy to maintain

Finally, and not entirely unimportant: Inventum’s induction hobs are completely flat, so you can easily clean the glass with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent. These make cleaning a piece of cake!