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The 5 Most Common Mistakes in The Interior

Have you recently moved or are you going to completely redesign your house? This is of course super fun to do, but you can also miss it very quickly. To prevent this, we have already listed the 5 most common interior errors!


This is perhaps the most important thing in decorating your interior, choose the right furniture! Because you quickly buy too large or too small furniture and this is very decisive for your interior. To prevent this, you could draw a map. This way you can see exactly how the furniture fills your space.

You also have to think carefully about how to put the furniture in the room. Did you know, for example, that you should never put the sofa tightly against the wall? When you put it a bit off, it looks much more spacious! You can also see this in a map. Try different layouts than just the couch against the wall.


Do you have all the furniture in your house; you suddenly realize that the lamps also have to come somewhere! And let them have those ugly cables! This is very disturbing in your interior. Therefore: get rid of it! Try to put them away in a nice way, for example by making a cupboard around them or placing the furniture in such a way that the cables behind them fall away.


We will stay with the lamps for a while, because they are more important than you think! Most people will first think about the furniture and furnishings and only then about the lighting. But did you know that it is smart to first make a lighting plan before you even start buying lamps? Here you can read how. If you do not do this, you could make these three mistakes:

  1. The incorrect lighting

If you do not think carefully about which lighting should come and what kind of light bulbs you will use, you could choose the wrong lighting. For example, the light could be much too bright or it is too white light, so that the room no longer looks cozy, but rather looks chilly.

  1. Too much lighting

You could also place too much lighting in your house. Of course the tastes differ in the amount of light, but it must of course remain cozy! Fortunately, this is easy to solve by disposing of some lights.

  1. Too little lighting

But of course you could also have too little lighting at home! This is also very annoying, because then you might not be able to read a book or see what you are eating. It is therefore important to very well in basic and atmospheric lighting!

Color palette

The color pallet is also something to think about. Take a good look at Pinterest or in home magazines to put together a color palette that suits you. If you do not do this, it could be that you are buying furniture, paint or accessories that are not together at all! If you want to do it all right, you could also make a mood board. View what you buy with each product to see if it matches the mood board and color palette. This way your interior really becomes one whole!

A rug

This may seem unimportant, but nothing could be further from the truth. A rug is very important when it comes to the atmosphere of your living room! It provides much more warmth and also makes your house less noisy. Here too it is important that you choose the right carpet. Do you choose a round or rectangular rug and which size fits best in your living room? All questions you must ask yourself. With these 4 tips you choose the right carpet!