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Service life of a washing machine

Increases the life of your washing machine!

The life of a washing machine will save you costs in the long run. The washing machine is indispensable in a Dutch household nowadays. But finding the right balance between price and quality can be difficult when looking for a new washing machine. In addition, it is important to know how you can enjoy the washing machine that you have already purchased for the longest time.

Brand determines the life of a washing machine

The average life of a washing machine is approximately 3000 to 4000 washes. But how long the appliance actually lasts depends on the brand, how and how often you use the washing machine, and how you maintain it. How long a washing machine lasts strongly depends on the brand and type. The following are some of the most popular washing machine brands and their average washes:

  • AEG: 3000 washes
  • Bosch: 3000 washes
  • Siemens: 3000 washes
  • Samsung: 2,200 washes
  • Whirlpool: 2000 washes

Bosch, Siemens, and AEG produce washing machines in Germany and Spain. In general, the German ones have a longer life of a washing machine. When AEG washing machines are the models with the numbers from L75 of German quality. Always ask the seller of these brands where this washing machine is manufactured. Samsung washing machines contain very solid motors. But if you often stuff the washing machine drum very full, this model may not be suitable. The shock absorbers are of a slightly lower quality due to the mounting with thin bolts. Whirlpool washing machines are generally more prone to failure, but they are a fairly inexpensive option.

Pay attention to the capacity and economy for longer washing machine life

But the economy and lifespan of a washing machine is determined by much more than just the number of washes. For example, pay close attention to the energy efficiency class. A + is the least efficient and A +++ the most efficient. It is also important to pay attention to the maximum capacity of the washing machine. A washing machine is the most economical when you wash with a full drum. Therefore, think carefully about the capacity you need. Having a buffer seems sensible, but this makes washing less economical. For a large family with three children, a capacity of 7 kilos or more is recommended. 5 kilos is sufficient for one to two people. The more laundry you have, the shorter the life of your washing machine. Incidentally, cluttering your washing machine too much will shorten its life.

Tips for longer washing machine life

After choosing a brand that suits you, it’s important to maximize the life of your washing machine by using it sparingly. For example, clean the fluff filter every five washes, and before each wash check that there are no objects in the pockets of clothes that could damage the drum. Also, check the drum regularly for rust spots. By following this advice, you will enjoy your washing machine the longest.