Organize Your Bathroom Practically

Posted by Susan Mcatee

A bathroom is often a small space where many elements have to be placed; a shower, sink, toilet, storage space, a radiator, and possibly a bath. That can be quite a puzzle on how to give all of this a good place! I will help you on your way by telling you how I did it.

# 1 Think about how you’re going to use the bathroom

Before you immediately start making a layout, think carefully about how you will use the bathroom in practical terms. The renovation of a bathroom costs a lot of time and money, it better be good. Since you use space several times every day, it is important that it is practical. Practical and aesthetic does not have to be mutually exclusive 

Wash basin

Ask yourself: “Do I need a double sink?” A double sink seems to be the standard and that is why I doubted whether I should choose that too.

I knew I would use the space next to the sink a lot more than the sink itself. And it is! It is often littered with make-up, hair clips, rubber bands, hairdryer, fragrances, and other stuff. Thanks to the drawer underneath, it is also so tidy again. Ideal. Do you have a large family and do you often brush your teeth together in the morning? Then a double sink is of course very handy.


“Do I want a bath and use it often enough to have one?” A bath takes up a lot of space and it would be a waste of space if you are almost not in it. Then I would say: just book a Wellness day once in a while to have a nice bath.


Have you ever thought about a double shower? Fun for the kids, but also fun to shower together. If you think that is a bit too much, then you could just install a more spacious shower with a rain shower. My shower is 110 x 90 cm and that fits easily with the two of you.

Oh, one more thing: if you are as cold as I am, you better choose a shower with a door. An open shower looks very nice and spacious, but the movement of hot and cold air can make it feel less comfortable.


Do you not have a separate space for the toilet and do you want to place it in the bathroom? Then you can choose – if space allows – to place an extra wall so that you have more privacy.

Storage space

In many bathrooms, there is a cove (casing) placed around the pipework. You would think a waste of space, but you can also use it. Just like the picture below I made a niche next to the cove for toiletries and towels. This ‘bite from the bathroom’ can therefore be converted into practical storage space.


You can choose a nice (design) radiator to dry and warm up your towel. I have placed the heating opposite the shower, so I immediately have a warm towel when I get out of the shower. If you want to do it differently, you can also make a heated wall on which the towels hang. Nice idea right ?!

# 2 Create a floor plan

Now that you’ve figured out what to put in your bathroom and how you’re going to use it, you can start organizing. There are various websites, such as Floor Planner, Ikea Planners, Baderie,, where you can draw a floor plan to scale. This immediately gives a realistic picture of the size of the room and what you can put in it.

When making the layout, pay attention to the following things:


Open the door, of course, because the shape of the room is the basis of the bathroom. Still, you can create a design in which you don’t make optimal use of the shape. Sin! My bathroom is elongated and I strongly emphasized this shape: the walking space is lengthwise and the elements are placed along the wall. Even the tiles are elongated and placed lengthwise. If I had placed the tub transversely, space would have seemed much shorter and smaller.

Try to think out of the box. For example, in a spacious, square bathroom, you can divide the functions by placing a wall in the middle with a piece of furniture on one side and a toilet or shower on the other. With a large mirror, you provide more light and space so that the wall does not come towards you. 


How can you keep your bathroom as light as possible? Take a good look at where the light comes from and make sure that you do not block these light sources by dividing them. My shower enclosure is completely made of glass so that space appears larger and the shower does not become such a dark hole.