Modern Kitchen: Inspiration

The kitchen is the nerve center of the house where much more happens than cooking. In the kitchen, there is eaten and daily things discussed with each other. You can compile a kitchen perfectly to your own taste. In this article, we look at the modern kitchen and we list the most important features.


With a modern kitchen, we automatically think of sleek, white cabinets with a functional kitchen island. No space or space for pots and decorations lying around. Modern kitchens are clean and hygienic. In short, a modern kitchen is a comfortable living kitchen with integrated gadgets.

The Cooking Island

A modern kitchen usually opts for a sleek kitchen island with integrated sinks and hob. The kitchen island is the eye-catcher of your kitchen, so largely determines the interior. The finish of the kitchen island, in particular the worktop, will ensure that the end result is a modern kitchen. Finishing options are Corian, Dekton, glass, stainless steel, composite or concrete.

Countertops For a Modern Kitchen

A completely white kitchen looks sleek and fits perfectly into a modern interior. If you want a seamless kitchen where the worktop, the splash wall and the sinks blend together, you can choose the Corian material. It is a versatile material that can also be used for your kitchen cabinets. That way you get a stark white kitchen where everything feels as a whole

However, Corian is not the only one possible for a countertop in a modern kitchen. Inox not only provides a modern look but also adds an industrial atmosphere to the whole. Stainless steel makes your kitchen very maintenance-friendly. A composite worktop fits into any type of kitchen so is also an option for a modern interior. Because of its unique composition, you can choose between different colors and finishing layers.

The options for a modern worktop are endless. In principle, you can give your kitchen a contemporary look with any material. The most popular materials besides Corian, composite and stainless steel are glass, dekton and concrete. All these materials give something modern to the kitchen in their own way.

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets in a modern kitchen are usually flat and handle-free. The use of new technologies such as soft-motion and tip-on makes kitchen handles completely unnecessary. Soft-motion prevents damage to cupboards, doors and drawers because they are slowed down when someone closes them. The tip-on ensures that you can open the cupboards or drawers with a small push. If you want something less technical, you can also opt for a handle list. This creates space between the kitchen cabinet and the work surface. The clean lines of the kitchen are not interrupted in this way.

Built-in Devices

The clean look may not be interrupted by the sinks or the technical devices such as the oven and the microwave. It is best to choose a built-in sink, possibly from the same material as the worktop. This way you create a whole even better. If you have the kitchen made to measure, you can provide spaces where the appliances can disappear.