Make Your Walls Magnetic With Magnetic Paint

Magnetic paint is the ideal solution to give your interior a creative touch. You can make almost any material with it magnetically. A memo board in the kitchen, a presentation wall in the office or a creative wall in the nursery are just a few examples of the many applications.

What is Magnetic Paint And How Does It Works?

With magnetic paint you make walls magnetic. Adhesive tape, thumb nails, glue or other fasteners are a thing of the past. From now on you can hang everything on the wall with magnets so that the wall remains undamaged.

Magnetic paint consists of a special composition of water-based latex primer and tiny iron particles. The particles are rust-free and so small that you cannot see them with the naked eye. It is these non-rusting iron particles that ensure that magnets stay on the wall.

Apply Magnetic Paint

Magnetic paint can be applied to various materials including wood, plaster, concrete and plasterboard. In principle you should prepare the substrate as with other wall paints. This means that the surface must be clean and smooth. With a absorbent surface such as MDF, it is best to first apply a primer to avoid losing magnetic strength.

To have a strong magnetic wall you will need to apply enough layers of magnetic paint. A minimum of 2 layers is recommended. If you have a highly absorbent surface or you want to be sure that your magnetic wall works well, then you better opt for 3 or 4 layers. With 0.5 liter of magnetic paint you can cover an area of ​​approximately 6m². For a wall of 2 by 3 m (6 m²) you will therefore need 2 to 3 liters of paint if you want to apply multiple layers.

Magnetic Paint Price

Magnetic paint can easily be purchased online. For a small 1 liter pot of magnetic paint you pay an average of € 35 (depending on the brand). You will discover the range of magnetic paint and the magnets, magnetic letters … that you can use on the magnetic wall in the web shop.

Possible Finish

Magnetic paint is only available in a gray color. It is, however, possible to repaint the layers of magnetic paint with a final layer in a color of your choice.

Pay attention if you only apply the magnetic paint on a part of the wall and then paint over it completely. The seams of the piece with magnetic paint will then be clearly visible because several layers have been applied there. To prevent that, choose a striking color finish or paint the entire wall with magnetic paint.

Do you want it even more creative? Finish the magnetic wall with board paint so that you can write on it. You must keep in mind that the power of the magnetic paint can decrease due to the extra coverage. Test if you have applied enough layers of magnetic paint by hanging several layers of paper with magnets. If everything sticks nicely, you can paint over the magnetic wall with confidence.

Application Option

The applications with magnetic paint are endless. You can use the paint in the nursery, kitchen, at workplaces, in the living room; actually, magnetic paint is suitable for any room where you want a creative extra. Just think of nice photo collages or to-do lists. Below you can see some nice realizations with magnetic walls.

  1. Magnetic Paint in Kitchen

With magnetic paint you no longer have to hang a boring notice board in the kitchen. From now on you can hang all to-do’s and shopping lists on your magnetic wall. By giving it a striking color, you can easily define it and it will come into its own even more.

  1. Magnetic Wall at The Office

A magnetic wall can also be particularly practical in the office. No more boring whiteboards but a creative and limitless wall to use for all your presentations.

  1. Magnetic Paint in The Children’s Room

In the nursery you can make it even more fun by covering standard magnets with colorful felt figures. With magnetic letters and numbers you can teach the children to write and count in a playful way.