Living Room Tips and Tricks

Tips for a Rural Living Room Design

A cottage inspired living room provides a charming and relaxing environment. While the country style used to be mainly found in country houses, farms and chalets, nowadays it is increasingly found in contemporary homes. Whether it is a villa, loft, townhouse, or apartment, you can integrate a country cottage style into every home.


A rural interior radiates the tranquility of the countryside and is reminiscent of times long past. The relaxed atmosphere is mainly due to the simple design of the furniture that was made from a practical point of view and with a minimum of resources. These basic rules also apply to the further design of the room. Local and natural materials are preferred.


Cozy sitting together must be at the center when designing a country living room. Try to point the seats towards each other and do not place them too far apart. If you have a fire, you should definitely include it in the seating area. Although modern devices such as a TV can no longer be ignored, it is best to put them away as much as possible. This way you can put the TV in a cupboard and you only have to see it when you want to watch TV effectively.


The cottage style is very diverse and is interpreted very broadly. Various influences from England, America, France and their own country have ensured that the rural interiors are often very eclectic.


For a modern rural design, people mainly work with sleek furniture in solid wood such as teak and oak. Both the colors of the walls, the decoration, and the furniture are in the same color segment. You can bring out the cottage feeling by choosing open shelves where you have space to place decorations such as the furniture from Ethnic raft above.


You get a warm cottage living room by using light colors such as pastel, white, and light earth tones. The decoration must feel light and airy and is preferably made from natural materials such as reed, jute, linen, wood, or wool.


The kitschy cottage style comes from the USA and mainly consists of a large number of wastes. Whether it’s old advertising plates, crockery, or nostalgic photos, you can let yourself go completely at a cottage kitsch living room.


Typical cottage colors are pastel, earthy colors, and various shades of white. Always try to have a slight gradation in the colors used to achieve a lively living room interior. Muscle white is not recommended because it will appear sterile. Go for off-white or eggshell.

If you are not good at choosing colors, you can go to the paint shop for color advice. These have many color collections available that are put together by professional interior designers. If you want to combine different country colors, you should definitely take a look at the Filament paint collection.


Searching for furniture and decoration is undoubtedly one of the nicest activities when furnishing a country living room. Due to the wide variety of cottage furniture, it is not always easy to find the right eye-catcher that fits the rest of your interior. Some play safe and buy furniture from one collection, while others start experimenting with old furniture. A visit to second-hand furniture stores or skimming flea markets is definitely recommended. You can still treat the purchased products afterward with paint or decoration so that you have a unique piece that perfectly matches your country style.