Living Room

Lighting Inspiration for Your Living Room

Are you looking for new lamps for the living room? With our lighting inspiration and tips, you ensure that you get the right lamps for a bright and cozy living room! Good lighting has a major influence on the atmosphere in your living room, so make sure that your lamps match the interior that you have in mind. Choose lamps that match the style of your living room, and also provide the type of light you are looking for. In this article, we discuss the latest lighting trends and the best lamp ideas for your living room.

The right lamp above the dining table

Who wouldn’t want a nice hanging lamp above the dining table? A hanging lamp not only provides lighting but also creates atmosphere and warmth at the table. If possible, choose to connect the lamp to a dimmer. For example, you can easily choose to turn the light brighter when you are at work, or a bit warmer and more pleasant during dinner. A large lamp above the dining table can really become an eye-catcher in your interior, such as this Juno XXL hanging lamp with a cool, vintage look. Increasingly, it is also decided to hang a group of hanging lamps together. Make sure that the lamps have something in common: the same oval shape, a lampshade of the same material, or lamps in the same color. That way you create a playful effect without it looking too messy or busy. Or choose the Ise hanging lamp, for example, with which you have five lights and a beautiful, minimalist design above the dining table in one go.

Looking for a nice floor lamp?

In addition to hanging lamps, floor lamps are also real classics in the living room. Floor lamps come in all shapes and sizes, so there is always one that fits well within your interior. Floor lamps with an industrial design are increasingly popular these days. You can recognize them by the use of heavier materials such as metal, and the clean lines in the design. A good example of this is our Marit floor lamp: industrial design with a sleek, black frame. Do you have a modern interior? Then choose a minimalist floor lamp in a neutral color. Prefer a floor lamp that immediately stands out? Then choose a lamp with an original shape and a large lampshade, or a design floor lamp for a Scandinavian look. An additional advantage of floor lamps is of course that you can easily move them. This way you can try out where your floor lamp looks best in the living room!

Living room lamp idea: natural materials

There is also a lot of choices when it comes to materials. In addition to the Scandinavian and industrial trends that are still very much in trend, nowadays you also see more and more natural materials in the lighting inspiration. Lampshades made of bamboo and rattan actually fit well into any interior, and because of their neutral colors, they can be combined well with all kinds of styles. For example, choose the Indy hanging lamp, made of bamboo, or this decorative table lamp made of rattan.

Table lamp and wall lamps for extra atmosphere

It can also be nice to have extra light in other places in the living room. A beautiful wall lamp provides a nice and handy light above the sideboard or next to the bookcase. Or choose a table lamp in the style of your living room. For example, opt for a minimalist and modern design such as the Finn table lamp if you have a living room with vintage or Scandinavian furniture. Do you have a classic interior? Then choose materials such as brass or marble, such as the Cloud table lamp. Do you have some time to spare this weekend and would you like to get creative? With this step-by-step plan, you can make your own design table lamp!