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Learning with technology: from workplace to learning place

Healthcare organizations today already often use technology to support learning and development in the workplace (workplace learning). E-learning, intra-, and the internet are especially popular. Newer technologies such as virtual reality are still little used. The organizations are positive about the influence of technology on learning in the workplace and there is a need for healthcare organizations that stimulate ‘learning through technology. This is apparent from research by Villains.

Learning in the workplace

Knowledge and technology are becoming increasingly important in our society, but knowledge is also becoming obsolete quickly. What you as healthcare professionals learned during your training is not always what you need now and in the future. This has consequences for working and learning in healthcare. You increasingly learn on the job itself and the possibilities of technology have accelerated this development considerably. In workplace learning, talking to each other about concrete situations is central, in order to reflect and give feedback. This can also be done online.


graph about 61%25 often to very often use technology to learn how does technology help workplace learning?

In addition to being able to strengthen our current ways of learning with technology, it also creates new ways of learning. Technology can communicate, collaborate and support workplace learning, turning work into learning in part. In this way, every workplace can become a learning place. Technology can ensure that information is available when you need it. This makes it possible to learn what, where and when we want.


What is learning technology?

With the help of technology you can, for example, look up knowledge on your mobile, use your online network to get feedback on your work or practice skills through Virtual Reality. You can easily gain knowledge and share it. Some technologies have been specially developed for learning, such as the electronic learning environment and e-learning. Others are not, but are used for this: such as apps and social media.


Big data, chatbots, and Augmented Reality can also be used. All these technological developments can personalize learning even further.


What kind of learning technology do healthcare organizations use?

Graph about what technology is used it is clear that technology offers many opportunities in the field of learning, but what are healthcare organizations already using? What are their experiences and what needs do they have? The survey found that many technologies are already being used to support learning. Employees enjoy learning with technology and that they can quickly access information when they need it. 


Organizations mainly use e-learning and intra- and internet. Newer technologies such as augmented and virtual reality are not yet widely used. The technologies that are accessible every day, such as apps, games and social media are not (yet) widely used in learning.


What do employees need?

Employees indicate that they want to do more with technology. The fact that this still rarely happens is often due to a lack of money, time, and technical conditions. Some also fear that the use of technology will lead to less personal contact. 60% of the respondents indicate that there is a need for healthcare organizations that stimulate ‘learning through technology in healthcare. In addition, almost half of the respondents have a need for a ‘learning lab’ to try out technologies and for an overview of experiences, developments and applications. Here you can get more tips about technology


The graph on how healthcare workers value learning technology.  85%25 experience added value.


What now?

Vilans expects that workplace learning can become even better and more effective through the use of technology if employees know which resources are available and how they can apply them. The technology already available can be used more, such as the mobile phone. But you can also absorb information and skills in other ways with chatbots and robots. In the near future, Villains will share more knowledge about the possibilities and how technology can support learning in the workplace. Keep an eye on this page about learning in the workplace. Do you want to contribute to this or do you have any questions? Mail to Tessa Dadema, advisor learning, and development: