Kitchen Makeover: Revamp and Style

With a rental home or with a smaller budget you cannot change very rigorous things about the kitchen. Still, you can make something very beautiful from a basic kitchen with less major adjustments! Below you will find a mini makeover of a friend’s kitchen.

Before & After

Some small adjustments and additions have made the basic kitchen a lot more attractive! In a rental home, you often cannot make permanent changes and the home must eventually be returned to its original state. Yet there is still a lot you can do to make a kitchen more to your taste! For example, hang nice wall shelves or racks on the wall and dress them with your favorite accessories and most beautiful tableware. Replace handles and/or the tap and add mood lighting such as a nice hanging lamp or table lamp. Color also does a lot. The color area that we added gives just that accent that this corner was missing.

New handles

The idea for this makeover started with the aluminum handles that came standard with the kitchen. In principle nothing wrong with that, but quite average, that could be more fun! Such a relatively small detail can make such a difference! At Karwei, Martine and I looked at the range of handles and ultimately opted for the black metal handles. A good match with the black kitchen worktop and beautifully timeless. The handles were easy to replace with a screwdriver, only the dishwasher was a challenge but the two of us got out!

A splash of color

Then it was time for some color. The wall already had a very subtle light pink color, but an accent could be added. We chose a long lane in Rich Butterscotch at the top of the wall that goes around the corner. Below this was a narrow dark red strip with the color number GN 095-04, which only turns the corner a little bit. A handy tool for drawing and masking straight lines is a laser device. I attached the laser to my tripod, but you can also set it up or clamp it somewhere. The laser ensures that the line is level and so you can immediately mask the surface with tape. This will save you quite some time!

Styling of the kitchen

The advantage of a basic kitchen is that you can still go in all directions with color and fun home accessories! By displaying your best things on a wall rack or shelves, you also involve the kitchen more with the living room. Think of beautiful crockery and glassware, but a beautiful vase, lamp, or poster is of course also great in the kitchen! Store the things that you would rather not see in the kitchen cupboards as much as possible. I also like to use some plants for decoration in the kitchen. Plants immediately add more life to a room! On the other hand, a beautiful and colorful bunch of flowers will certainly not look out of place … These types of elements will in any case create a cozy and homely atmosphere in the kitchen.

Want to get started yourself?

Can your kitchen also use a freshening up, but do you not have a budget for a completely new kitchen, or do you also live in a rental home? Then look at other options and smaller interventions that can still make a big difference. In this case, it was about different handles, color on the wall, and nice styling. You could of course also opt for other doors or even painting or pasting the fronts. A different kitchen worktop or, for example, the (partial) tiling of the wall can also make a big difference. Invest in beautiful crockery, glassware, textiles, and equipment that can be seen! After this makeover of the kitchen at Martine, I think I will also take a critical look at our own kitchen