Inspiration and Ideas for the Small Kitchen

You can also set up a small kitchen according to the latest trends. There are, however, a number of things that you should take into account more quickly, such as the use of color and choosing the right kitchen furniture. If you want to create a spacious feeling in the small kitchen despite the small size, it is important to optimally organize and decorate it. Furnishing a small kitchen can be a challenging job. Therefore, work well-prepared and you will soon have your dream kitchen. In this blog article, you can read various tips & tricks so that you will soon have enough small kitchen inspiration!

The trendy design of your small kitchen

Our first advice when furnishing the small kitchen is to draw up a plan. Draw out how you want to furnish the kitchen and think about what is optimal in terms of space. Also, ask yourself what style of kitchen you want. Are you going for a country-style or perhaps a more modern look? A good tip is to keep the colors in the kitchen neutral and light. Neutral colors always work well in small spaces and make a room look bigger. A trend of today are the pastel shades, and they are completely in line with this advice. If you are not a fan of this trend, you can always go for the timeless look and choose beige, white, or other shades in a natural variant. Light shades are also known to slow people down. A win-win situation! Do you want to give your kitchen or kitchen cabinets a different color? With the proper paint, you can easily give your kitchen a completely new look! If you don’t feel like painting, working with adhesive foil can be a great solution. Also, take a look at the height of the room: maybe the original ceiling is hidden under a few plaster boards and you literally create more space by removing these plates.

Furniture for your kitchen

You quickly save a lot of space when you choose the right kitchen furniture. Do you have a kitchen with enough space for a nice table? Karwei is also the right place for your dining room table and matching dining room chairs. This way you transform your kitchen into a place where you can dine, work, or receive visitors. A round dining table is completely contemporary and can offer a practical solution in small spaces. A bar also offers a nice solution. You can easily make these yourself from cut-to-size wood. You can also paint or stain it in any desired color. Planks on the wall are a good idea for creating storage space. Kitchen cabinets quickly take up a lot of space, while shelves allow you to retain more space. Built-in appliances also offer a nice solution: it ensures that your kitchen looks calmer so that you gain space in addition to physical space.

Small kitchen accessories

Accessories also play an important role in the inspiration for small kitchens. Try one large vase instead of three small ones. In addition, keep the choice of kitchen accessories within the same color group. Many variations in color quickly look restless. For example, also choose to place a plate rack on the wall. This is decorative and again you make optimal use of the space by working in height. Other details you can pay attention to are, for example, the handles of the kitchen cabinets, or the lack thereof. Replace the knobs and handles of your kitchen cabinets and drawers, for example, with new, trendy leather items for a chic look. Kitchen cabinets with minimalist handles provide a sleek and modern look. In addition to the aesthetic value, it also saves a little space. In the small kitchen, every little bit helps, doesn’t it?

Kitchen accessories & trends

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