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Insect Screen for Sliding Doors

The most used and best solution for a door or a sliding patio door is the pleated screen door. Watch this short video for all the benefits that our Plissé screen doors sliding doors can offer you.

Various options are possible with screens for the sliding doors:

A pleated screen door for sliding doors

Sliding insect screen with a single door or two doors that close together?

In addition, it is also possible to link several insect screen sliding doors together so that they can bridge a large distance

Custom-made Pleated Screen Door

The pleated screen door sliding door is very easy to install yourself and fits in almost any frame. Partly due to the wide range of dimensions, there is a solution for every door. The pleated mosquito net sliding door systems can be used towards each other in a situation where large widths have to be bridged. The pleated screen door sliding door can also be linked by means of a coupling profile that creates one large door.

Pleated Screen Door for Sliding Doors

Sloping sills on sliding doors are easy to correct by placing an optional sloping bottom guide so that the pleated screen door for sliding doors is easy to operate.

If the pleated sliding door screen is mounted on the frame, you can use a so-called on the day set. This creates a “frame on a frame”. This solution is also ideal if you have large windows in your apartment which is located at a great height and still want to use a pleated screen sliding door.

Customize Your Own Sliding Door

Put together a screen door sliding door yourself using the configurator. The configurator guides you to your goal in a few simple steps: A custom screen door sliding door!

The steps for assembling insect screens are as follows:

In the first step, you choose the type of door. Choose here for sliding doors

Then choose the type of insect screen. In this case, that is the pleated screen sliding door

You can then assemble the sliding door screen. Consider the following:

– The dimensions

– The place where the insect screen for sliding doors is mounted

– Does it concern one or two sliding doors

– The color of the profile

Then choose the accessories for the insect screen for sliding doors

The Advantages of Screen Door Sliding Doors

During the warm months, you would of course like to open your sliding doors to enjoy the beautiful weather. But of course, opening your sliding door ensures that unwanted guests enter. Insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and wasps like to enter your home. An insect screen for sliding doors is an ideal solution. The advantages of a sliding screen door:

  • Screen doors sliding doors prevent insects from entering your home
  • Screen doors sliding doors prevent unwanted pollen from entering
  • Provides peace of mind when opening your sliding doors
  • Competitive prices for a quality solution
  • Mosquito net sliding doors made to measure and of high quality

French Balcony

For a so-called French balcony, the pleated screen doors sliding doors are a godsend. Due to the size of the window, an ordinary roller screen for sliding doors often does not fit or is not covered by the warranty. A sliding door screen is also known as the following:

  • Insect screen sliding door
  • Fly screen sliding door
  • Fly screen for sliding doors
  • Mosquito screen sliding door
  • Mosquito screen for sliding doors

A pleated screen door sliding door is delivered to measure so that the perfect result is always achieved. In addition to our insect screen for the sliding door, also take a look at our window screens.

Various Color Profiles

The profiles of the pleated sliding doors are made of aluminum and stove enameled in various standard colors. Of course, it is also possible to have your pleated screen door for sliding doors enameled in any desired color. The plastic parts of the pleated screen door sliding door are made of high-quality materials so that your pleated screen door sliding door will last for years. Another popular insect screen is the custom blinds.

Easy to Maintain

The screen doors sliding doors are maintenance-free and can be used both outside and inside. If you use the screen doors sliding doors outside, it is advisable to regularly clean the bottom guide of dirt. This keeps your screen doors sliding doors working without problems.

The sliding screen door is also very easy to remove. By means of handy mounting clips, you can store the sliding door screen for the time when you don’t need it

What is the Maximum Width of the Screen Door for a Sliding Door?

The screen door for a sliding door is available in two variants. The pleated screen door Standard has a width of 380. The pleated screen door Suave has a width of 600 cm.

In Which Colors is the Screen Door Available for Sliding Doors?

The pleated screen door for sliding doors is available in 2 variants. The standard variant has 24 RAL colors, the Suave variant has 9 RAL colors

Is a Screen Door for Sliding Doors Maintenance-free?

Yes, the sliding screen doors are virtually maintenance-free. If the sliding screen door is used for outside use, the bottom guide must be cleaned regularly. If you do not do this, the screen door will open and close less smoothly over time.

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