How To Install Outdoor Outlet Box

Choose and Mark the Outlet Location

To maintain this project simple, place the new outlet in the same stud dental caries as an existingindoor outlet.
Start by picking the indoor outlet you intend to utilize.
Building codes forbid taking advantage of circuits in the kitchen area, restroom, utility room or right into those dedicated to a large appliance, like a refrigerator. You can use living space, room and cellar circuits, yet do not use a circuit that’s already strained as well as trips the breaker.
To place the outlet somewhere apart from opposite the interior outlet, see “Running Cord From Other Power Sources” below.
Switch off the Power

Turn off the breaker managing the outlet.
Use a non-contact voltage tester to make sure the power is off.
Unscrew as well as pull the receptacle out of the electric box.
Hold the voltage tester over the terminals to double-check that the power is off.

Readjust the Cords

Next, loosen the cords from the electrical outlet.
Make sure the junction box is big sufficient to hold an included collection of wires.
An overstuffed box is a fire threat.
If package is plastic, beam a flashlight inside as well as seek a quantity listing, such as 21 cu. in. (cubic inches).
Pro tip: If your box is steel, we advise replacing it (see below). Most steel boxes are also little to hold additional cords.