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How to get the most effective robot vacuum cleaner

We ‘d all love to be able to sit down and kick back while an unnaturally smart device cleans up the house, however can a robot vacuum do as good a work as your regular vacuum? The answer mostly depends upon whether you have carpet or hard floorings.


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How do robot vacuums function?

How much do they cost?

Are robot vacuum worth it?

Cleaning efficiency on tough floorings and rug

Do robot vacuum cleaners get stuck?

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How do robot vacuums work?

Robot vacuums are created to cleanse your residence with minimal help from their owners. Powered by a rechargeable battery, these cordless machines can learn their means around your room utilizing sensors and also cams. They’re usually able to dodge stairways as well as are small adequate to vacuum under low furniture.


After completely reenergizing your robotic vacuum, you need to have the ability to let it begin cleaning up straight away. It may take a couple of precedes your robot vacuum can correctly find out the design of your room. They often tend to ‘really feel’ their means around by encountering walls and also furnishings so you ought to leave your space as minimalist as possible (as well as devoid of any breakable vases!).


All but one of the most standard designs can link to your residence network, so you can monitor and establish your cleansing regimen using its relevant app. This is recommended, as they’ll then have the ability to accept firmware updates (the software program built into the vacuums) which can straighten out pests or consist of brand-new features.


How much do they cost?

The versions in our newest test variety in price from $199 to $1999.


Are robotic vacuum worth it?

After performing our extensive laboratory screening of robot vacs, we would not advise any as a complete replacement for a normal stick, barrel or upright vacuum, specifically in houses with carpeted floorings. Nonetheless, they are great for in-between cleanses and can be made use of every day specifically if you’ll be out of your house. In spite of their independent nature, filters, dirt containers as well as brushes will certainly still need routine cleansing.


Our lab-based tests reveal a significant array in performance ratings.


Robotic vacuum performance testing Average Variation

Hard floor pick up score (%) 86% 30-99%.

Carpeting dust grab rating (%) 40% 13-71%.

Animal hair removal score (%) 51% 10-80%.

Cleansing edges and sides score (%) 61% 30-80%.

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Robotic vacuum evaluations.

Seeking robot vacuums?

We’ve tested to locate you the best.


See robot vacuums evaluate.

Cleansing performance on tough floors and also carpet.

Tough floors.

A lot of the robotic vacs we’ve evaluated are very good at cleaning difficult floorings– albeit not always in the edges and also sides.


For a house with mainly hard floorings, a lot of the robot hoovers we’ve evaluated will certainly do a sensible job of maintaining the floors tidy when run on an everyday basis, though a more complete cleansing with a conventional vacuum (or a mop) will certainly still be required periodically.



Despite innovative technology– navigation software application, stairway discovery, cameras to detect dust– robot vacuum cleaners are still relatively inadequate at getting rid of dust from carpeting.


Robot vacuums can’t generate the suction of a typical vacuum cleaner and while they can leave the carpet looking clean, listed below the surface a lot of dust is left behind. Gradually, this can damage the stack.


In a house with carpet floorings, a robotic vac is great for a tidy-up, but the rug will require a normal going-over with a standard vac to get a lot of the dust out.


What regarding pet dog hair?

In our tests, we’ve located robot vacs that can grab a reasonable amount of fluff (such as pet hair) in addition to some dirt, but on carpeting they likewise seem to press the remaining dirt even deeper right into the heap.


Do robot vacuums get stuck?

It depends. Often, if you’ve got a combination of carpets as well as hard floors, they might have a little difficulty taking a trip from one surface type to the next. Tassels or edges on carpets, residence enjoyment cables and deep carpeting stack could be problematic as these can obtain entangled in wheels or brushes. With a little bit of prep work, you can avoid these incidents.


Are cheap robot vacuums any kind of great?

Our test results disclose a series of performance ratings at various price points. There are some robot vacuums worth thinking about if you’re on a spending plan. Some are outstanding on hard floors. Nonetheless, the least expensive robots may not have all the attributes you’re after (see Features to look for).


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This feature, now typical throughout almost all versions, assists the robot when it has reached a ledge or action so it can withdraw and prevent a harmful tumble.


Virtual wall.

An accessory utilized to create an unseen obstacle, for blocking off open doorways or various other locations you don’t desire the robot to go into.


Programmable times.

This helpful function will allow you to establish times of the day or week to run the robotic– as an example, you can establish it to run just while you’re away at the workplace.


Automatic docking.

When the battery cost is reduced the robotic vac locates its back to the battery charger and also anchors automatically. All the designs in our test do this.


Noise degree.

Robot vacuums are usually quieter than conventional vacs, however some have an aggravating shrill whistle and others make a mechanical grinding noise.


This may be less important if the robot mostly runs while you’re out of your home, yet these audios may be audible to irritate neighbors or scare pets.


Wiping function.

Some robot vacuums likewise have a mopping function, but these are best fit for light discolorations just. Typically, this entails placing a small amount of water right into a container which moistens a microfibre pad that’s attached to the vacuum’s base.


Some robotic vacuum cleaner apps can map out the room the robot vacuum cleans.

Some robotic vacuum cleaner applications can draw up the space while the robotic cleans.


Robotic vacuum cleaner apps.

Just about one of the most fundamental robot vacuums are smart-home enabled. They’ll attach to your cordless router as well as collaborate with a dedicated app to help you control your cleansing timetable.


While capability varies depending upon just how advanced the robot is, they ought to all have the standard ability to transform the machines on and off or pause the cycle, and program your recommended cleaning time and also regularity. Various other functions may include a map of where the robot has actually cleaned, cleansing log/history, manual cleaning, spot cleaning, battery condition or notices when the robotic has done its work.



We’ve seen some premium robot vacuums also function as a protection video camera. Combined with an application, you can browse through and monitor your house remotely (or see if the feline has actually decided to hitch a ride on it).


Push-button control.

Most versions feature a remote control to alter the settings or guide the vacuum cleaner around the space. However if the robot requires too much supervision by its proprietor, you might discover that making use of a regular vacuum is the extra effective (and also less expensive) method to go.