How to clean the washing machine to avoid bad odors
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How to clean the washing machine to avoid bad odors


If you want your clothes to come out really clean, one of the keys is to carry out regular maintenance


It is recommended not to fully fill the washing machine.

When planning the cleaning of the home, we usually take into account the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedrooms € but we hardly ever remember the washing machine. Many tend to think that this appliance is cleaned every time it is started to wash clothes. Error. . Although it may not seem like it, it accumulates dirt, which ends up on pants, shirts, or underwear. So your clothes may not be as clean as you thought.


Over time, soap, foam, and water tend to accumulate in the washing machine, creating an ideal place for the proliferation of germs and bacteria. One of the keys to making this appliance last longer is to perform minimal maintenance, which includes cleaning the detergent drawer, as well as the rubber on the door. It is advisable to do it at least every three months, and whenever you see it dirty, with mold or gives off a bad smell.


Step by Step

  • The first thing is to give it a review on the outside with a damp cloth, since, in many cases in the kitchen, the surface is usually impregnated with grease. Vinegar- based cleaners or white vinegar itself are very effective for having a high disinfecting power, in addition to eliminating mold and bacteria.


  • Before using it thoroughly with the interior of the washing machine, it is advisable to review the opening hinges and the filter, since in this they accumulate remains of detergent, lint, coins, remains of paper tissues, and a myriad of objects that we are used to. strain.


  • Then it’s time to clean the dispensers and the soap bucket. These nooks and crannies are permanently moist and end up accumulating nasty black molds and other germs that are harmful to health. In this case, it is best to remove them and soak them with vinegar and hot water. Help yourself later with a toothbrush to clean them to the last corner. Dry them well with a cloth and put them back in place.


  • An important point is the rubber between the door of the washing machine and the inside of the drum. To clean it well, it is necessary to pull it out, but without removing it, and rub it well with a cloth that has cleaning detergent or bleach, until it is clean. It is recommended to wipe with a dry cloth to remove any detergent residue.


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  • If you see that the rubber has mold, you can clean it with a cloth soaked in bleach and let it work overnight to kill the germs. The next day, you just have to rinse it with a damp cloth and then dry. In fact, it is recommended to dry the rubber with a cloth after each wash.



  • Now it only remains to review the drum. For this, the most advisable thing is again the vinegar. Select a short high-temperature program, add a liter of bleach or white vinegar, and the cycle will start. Afterward, the door is left open for a while so that it dries well and that is when the washing machine is perfectly clean.


  • Finally, avoid putting more detergent and fabric softener than recommended. Clothes will not be cleaner from overdoing it with soap. In fact, in addition to respecting the quantities, many experts recommend reducing the dose a little to avoid dermatological problems due to excess chemicals and also, of course, to be more respectful of the environment.


  • A final tip to keep the washing machine in good condition is not to fill it completely since if the recommended load is exceeded, it may not work correctly and there are more options both to spoil and to accumulate dirt.