How Do You Find the Perfect Floor?

Yes! Autumn, the season with the best home promotions, latest home trends, full of home inspiration, and interior workshops! In this blog, you will find everything in the field of floors. Are you also ready for a new floor? Are you still unsure about which floor covering suits you best? We are happy to help you on your way!

A floor sets the tone. The choice for your floor largely determines the appearance and therefore the interior style that you will apply. A floor makes the room big. Or small. A dark floor gives depth, while a light floor creates a fresh look and makes the space larger. So: do you have a small (er) house? Then choose a light floor. Unless you like a super cozy look of course 😉

There is a lot of choices when it comes to floors and carpet. For example, you can choose from a wooden floor, laminate, floor covering, tiles, PVC, natural stone, concrete, or (PU) cast floor.

First, determine how you will use your floor

Do you have pets? Then wood may not be that hygienic … let alone handy with those scratching nails on the floor … Do you have to take allergies into account? Or do you have a new-build home with underfloor heating? There are all kinds of points that you have to take into account to make the right choice.

Once you have made the choice, which style, color, or installation method will you go for? There is so much fun! We list the most beautiful flooring trends for you!

Concrete look floor

What we are currently very fond of is concrete design. This is a thin finish that is super easy to apply. It has the tough authentic look of concrete, but with additional advantages over the traditional concrete floor: it is dust-free, wear-resistant, and dirt-resistant. Concrete design is available in different shades and cannot be distinguished from the real thing.

Graphic prints

You see them more and more: graphic prints. On wallpaper, cushions, paintings … but also on the floors! Did you know that a floor or rug with graphic prints, in combination with a calm, sleek interior, can create a spatial effect? By playing with different patterns you get the best out of your space.

Do you want something completely different in your interior? Take a look at Desso’s cool carpet collection. With a Desso carpet or rug, you create your own, unique floor with a warm and contemporary look!

PVC floors

What you see more and more is PVC. You can create any atmosphere you want with PVC strips. From warm and homely due to a beautiful robust wood grain structure to concrete look or tile effect. PVC is durable, easy to maintain, and is ‘quieter’ than, for example, a laminate floor.

Finally, one last tip that we already shared with you in the blog with the 10 best interior tips: use the same floor in all rooms (or at least per floor). This makes the room seem bigger!

Wooden floor

Last but certainly not least… one of our favorites: the wooden floor. Wood is alive; it looks beautiful and creates a unique atmosphere. You can oil, lacquer, or wax a wooden floor. Each way has its own appearance, but also its advantages and disadvantages. Would you like a wooden floor? Then you are faced with many choices:

Do you want to glue or float the floor? Do you opt for herringbone parquet or a solid plank floor? American oak, French oak, or pine floorboards? Whatever choice you make, with a wooden floor it is important that you are well-informed in advance. That way you will enjoy it for years to come!

And… did you know that you can usually co-finance wooden floors in your mortgage? For more information, visit your mortgage advisor!

Laying floor covering… or having it installed?

If you do not have the knowledge and skills to install your floor or floor covering yourself, you can use an installation service at most specialist stores. A professional upholsterer will lay your floor or carpet in no time and will immediately give you useful tips for use and maintenance!

Need more flooring ideas?

Still, finding it difficult to choose? Wipe the floor with those doubts 😉 Feel free to contact one of our stylists. They are happy to help you choose the right floor for your interior! Whether you are going to lay your floor covering yourself or you want to have it installed, there is always something beautiful for you!