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House Cleaning Tips: Ready for Spring!

Interior trends look a lot better in a tidy house. So get your inner Marie Kondo out with these cleaning tips and make sure it doesn’t become a mess in the house as quickly.

Cleaning up your house: this is how you start!

Before you start cleaning up, one thing is crucial: motivation. The reason you haven’t started the junk room yet is that you’re waiting for a weekend ‘off’, and that weekend will probably never come. So always do small projects and take an hour or two for this. That way it remains manageable and you keep the courage. Then make three stacks. One with stuff that can go, one with stuff that can stay and one with useful stuff for the cycle. Are you someone who has spare items for everything? So two toasters, three bicycle pumps, and 5 duvet covers? You don’t necessarily have to become a minimalist to unclutter anyway: keep one or a maximum of two items of everything.

Keep it tidy with these 6 clean-up tips

After the first clean-up sessions, you will soon notice that it becomes easier to keep your house on the side. Because less stuff means less mess. Still, there are a few more tricks. These are 6 habits of people who (almost) never have to clean their house.

  1. Give things a place and immediately put it back where it came from. It can storage baskets to help well.
  2. Wipe the cloth over the dining table, coffee table, counter, and stove after each use. That way you keep up with it and it is less work in one go.

Prevent mountains of clothing in the bedroom: immediately put it back in the closet, or throw it in the laundry. Nothing more annoying than looking for that one sweater to discover that it is still dirty under a pile of clothes, isn’t it? Tip: with a glass wardrobe you are more motivated to keep your closet neat and tidy.

  1. Provide closed storage systems and not too many open shelves. These quickly become dusty and you cannot shield the content.

Speaking of which: it is not the intention that your things simply hide behind doors. Really cleaning up also means diving into all the hidden corners!

  1. Piles of mail, magazines, and newspapers look messy: dispose of post that does not need to be used immediately with the waste paper. In addition, arrange that you can pay as many bills as possible online, which saves a lot of paperwork. If you don’t want to throw them away, take old magazines to the thrift store. Or give them a place to shine, such as in a magazine rack.

Tidy is neat with these storage accessories

Pro-tip: tidy up a room first and then determine which storage accessories you need for the leftover stuff (which is very little of course!). You can temporarily use a drawer or cupboard for items that do not yet have a home. In addition, baskets are useful for organizing things and it is fun too. Baskets are also ideal for keeping your belongings out of sight in a nice wall rack.