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Give Your Bedroom a Chic Makeover on a Budget

Posted by Susan Mcatee

Can your bedroom use some TLC, but are you on a budget? Then this blog post with tips and inspiration is for you!

The 17-year-old Floor asked me via Instagram if I have any tips for her bedroom make-over. She still lives at home and has a small budget. I think that’s a nice challenge! Because I think Floor is not the only one who wants to sit in a nice bedroom now that we are home so much, I have listed some ideas.

There is no reason to sit in a boring bedroom! Even with a small budget, you can transform your bedroom into a cozy and luxurious-looking bedroom.

Get started with the paintbrush

Very obvious of course, but this tip should not be missing. A lick of paint on the walls will give your bedroom a different look in no time. You can also breathe new life into your furniture by giving it a fun color. Paint can make something special and unique, so be creative!

Paint ideas

  • Paint a paneling high or low and finish it with a nice decorative border
  • Create areas of color for a playful effect
  • Paint all walls instead of one accent wall
  • Have you ever thought about painting your ceiling? That makes an impact
  • You can also paint your headboard on the wall, then you can choose any shape you want!

Plants are friends

Plants should not be missing in your bedroom. Besides being good for purifying the air, it also looks cozy. There are also all kinds of addresses on the internet where you can buy or even borrow second-hand plants. Good for the wallet!

Create a gallery wall

You can find picture frames at the thrift store for next to nothing. For an extra grand effect, fill an entire wall from top to bottom with frames of different sizes. Make sure that the colors match a bit and you mainly use large frames as a basis, otherwise, it will be chaos

DIY away!

Create your own furniture or accessories. It takes some effort, but the rewards are huge!

Nice DIY projects

  • Make your own headboard with pillows, for example, or from building materials such as OSB, underpayment, or recycled planks
  • Make a lounge sofa from pallets and fill it with pillows
  • Make your own four-poster bed with a mosquito net, drape a nice fabric around a curtain rod or create a partition with a curtain
  • Turn a boring lampshade into a masterpiece by making your own drawing or pattern or make your own macramé lampshade
  • You can also customize furniture, for example, a cheap IKEA cupboard or recycled furniture with unique legs
  • Make your own clothes rack: this way your worn clothes will also stay fresh for the next day;)

Go through the cycle until you drop

Or browse digitally on Marketplaces. You can really find the best things if you search carefully. Frequent viewing is key, I let my girlfriend tell me who is a true bargain hunter.

Items to watch out for

  • Nice gadgets (e.g. in one theme) that you can group in a cupboard
  • Furniture that you can paint or customize

Functional and aesthetic furniture

Of course, you put a bed in your bedroom, duh! Maybe also a cupboard or desk. But what more furniture can you put down if you have the luxury of having space to spare like Floor?

Nice to haves

  • A make-up table like this DIY from Chore, handy for displaying your things
  • Create a room divider to separate different functions
  • Footstool at your foot
  • A narrow side table on the wall with a mirror above it
  • A nice chair or maybe even a chaise longue
  • An ornamental clothing rack for your most beautiful items of clothing
  • Make a nice display of your collection (sneakers, jewelry, whatever)

Mirror on the wall

A mirror on the wall immediately gives extra space to the room. Did you know that you can also order custom mirrors? Then you just make the frame around it yourself, I also did in my bathroom. I also plan to place a mirror from top to bottom somewhere in the house without a border. Also seems very nice and gives a spatial effect!

Dress up the room

Only functional furniture in the room is boring of course. Make your room cozy with a rug, throws, candles, and pillows.