From Which Direction Does the Sun Enter Your House?

Color and light are inextricably linked. Without light, there is no color at all. But when choosing the color for your interior, have you taken into account how light enters your home? The wind direction from which light enters your home determines the atmosphere that adds color to your home. View here which colors best suit the sun from the south, north, west, and east.

Warm light from the south

You are the lucky one! Light from the south is a joy to combine, most colors come into their own in this light. The sunlight literally invades you. The light from the south has a warm glow, which makes both warm and cool colors stand out in your interior.

Best: Pale light colors. Blue, for example, creates an airy appearance without feeling chilly, because the light creates a warm glow.

Cool light from the north

Light from the north has a somewhat cool blue glow. This light is therefore the most difficult to combine with colors in the house. A tip: curtains dampen the cool glow, making colors in the house look warmer.

Best: Deep warm colors, such as red, purple, or brown. Do you prefer light colors? Then go for creamy or yellowish colors.

Inadvisable: cold colors such as blue or gray. These colors enhance the cool light, which gives a somewhat gray effect.

Subtle light from the west

If your room faces west, you will have a somewhat cooler glow in the morning, which becomes a subtle orange-yellow glow during the day. This light contains many natural light reflectors, ideal for an airy atmosphere in the house

Best: Light colors such as whites, grays, and pinks. Pastels in particular are best reflected, this enhances the natural light reflectors.

Not recommended: dark and bright colors. With dark colors, the effect of the light reflectors decreases, which is a shame, and bright colors can become too intense.

Soft cool light from the east

Light from the east has a warmer glow in the morning, which becomes a bit cooler in the course of the afternoon. Light from the east changes most in a day. What is best for this? Work with soft colors in the base and striking colors for accessories and furniture.

Best: Blue and Green Colors. The light has a slight cool glow which enhances the colors blue and green. Do you prefer white? Then choose a white tone with a light green or blue base.

Inadvisable: keep in mind that colors that are the opposite of blue, for example red, do not come out as atmospheric as in a warmer light.

Tip for when you have little light

If you would like to add some color to your home with little light, go for pastel shades. Pastel shades best reflect small amounts of light.

Final tip

Ask your paint specialist for a test pot of paint. Paint a large piece of cardboard and observe the effect of light on the color at different times of the day. Paint almost never turns out as it does on the color strip or how it looks at friends’ homes, partly because of the light.