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Exist Various Kinds Of Riding Lawn Mower Batteries?

The last thing you want on cutting day is a battery that will not start your riding lawn mower. Thankfully, locating a suitable replacement for a dead battery is easy considering that a lot of riding mowers will accept batteries of a typical size and voltage. Variants in battery building, however, can make some batteries a much better choice than others, as well as some replacement batteries, could not work in your lawn mower whatsoever.


The voltage ranking of a battery is an action of how much current can flow via it at a given time. Almost all riding mower batteries are 12-volt batteries, as are most automobile and other automobile batteries. Some batteries classified as lawn mower batteries are higher voltage– as long as 36 or 40 volts– yet these are typically specialized batteries made to power electric walk-behind lawn mowers and shouldn’t be confused with riding mower batteries.

Size and Incurable Position

Batteries are classified by their physical dimension, and also private size groups are given a “team number” by the Battery Council International. The majority of riding mower batteries are team U1 batteries; they have to do with 8.3 inches long, 5.1 inches large, and 7.25 inches high. There are two types of these batteries, differentiated by the position of their positive terminals. U1 batteries have their favorable terminals left-wing, as well as U1R batteries have their positive terminals on the right. The distinction is significant since the size of a mower’s booster cable can avoid a battery with the incorrect terminal placement from suitable. Always inspect the terminal position of your old battery before you purchase a replacement.


Batteries are made with steel plates immersed in a sulfuric acid service, and in standard batteries, home plates are constructed from lead impregnated with antimony. The disadvantage of this sort of building and construction is that batteries often tend to shed fee gradually, also when they’re not in use, as well as the antimony content of home plates creates corrosion of the battery elements. Some newer batteries incorporate calcium right into their plates, which assists to reduce problems with self-discharge and also corrosion; calcium batteries are likewise much less vulnerable to damage from resonance and impact. Soaked up glass floor covering and also gel cell batteries restrict the quantity of fluid acid in the battery, so the battery won’t splash if it tips over.

Cold Cranking Amps

Batteries are rated in relation to the “chilly cranking amps” they can create. The CCA ranking measures just how much current the battery can provide in 30 secs at no levels of Fahrenheit; the higher the number, the more power the battery can produce in a fast burst at low temperatures. Although you’re not likely to be using your riding lawn mower when the temperature is below zero, the CCA ranking can give you a suggestion of just how durable the battery will certainly get on cold days.