Exactly How To Remove Cooking Area Counter

Eliminating a laminate cooking area counter top is relatively simple since it’s kept the cupboards with a mix of sticky and also screws. Many laminate countertops make use of silicone adhesive. Some counter top setups, such as granite, will certainly use an epoxy or building adhesive like liquid nails. If your counters are connected with building sticky or epoxy, the procedure is hard to do without harming the kitchen counters. It’s ideal to leave that work to the pros. Listed below, we share steps on exactly how to remove laminate countertops. views more details

Cut the Silicone Adhesive
Many countertops are made from two parts– the counter and the backsplash. The backsplash is attached to the wall and also countertop. You will need to remove it prior to spying up the countertop. To do this, cut along the whole side of silicone adhesive between the wall and backsplash utilizing a razor knife. click mre details

Remove the Backsplash
There is even more silicone adhesive on the back of the backsplash. Location a paint scrape in between the backsplash and also the wall surface, and drive it downward with a couple of faucets of a hammer (Image 1). Do this along the length of the backsplash up until the backsplash is primarily detached from the wall. In order to get adequate utilize to get rid of a stubborn backsplash, press versus an architectural stud in the wall with a lever. Use a stud finder to situate the wall stud behind the backsplash (Image 2). There ought to be a stud in the wall surface about every 16 inches. Area the pry bar in between the backsplash as well as the wall surface stud, and press the backsplash off the wall more details