Exactly How To Get Rid Of Kitchen Counter

Prep the Location
Beginning by getting rid of the drawers as well as clear out all the cupboards to prevent filling them with dirt and also particles. Tape the cabinet doors closed.

If there is a window over the counter top, it may be essential to get rid of the window casing and quits around the home window in order to pull out the old backsplash. Avoid damage to the casing so it can be reinstalled later on. click more details

Separate the Tap
Below the sink, turn off the water valves to the cold and hot water lines and also make use of an adjustable wrench to detach the faucet water lines. Have a towel convenient to catch the water that drains pipes from the pipes. see more

If the water supply nuts are worn away and difficult to eliminate, cut the copper faucet pipes with a reciprocating saw or tubes cutter. Apply penetrating oil to the continuing to be nuts and leave for later on, when they will be much easier to loosen. homedecorbaddy

The sink often can be removed with the tap and sink-top accessories connected. If there is not nearly enough clearance, make use of a container wrench to rise behind the sink and eliminate the nuts securing the faucet manages and also tap spout tailpiece.

Remove the Sink
From below, unscrew the retaining clips that hold the sink to the counter.

Disconnect as well as remove the pipes trap from the sink drain.

Raise out the sink. More views details