Clean a Humidifier
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Exactly how to Clean a Humidifier, According to Cleaning and Residence Care Professionals

Since germs enjoy the mist as much as you do.

If a dry winter months environment has your humidifier downing along full steam in advance, it’s important deep clean it on a regular basis. All that water makes these devices prime areas for growing mold and mildew as well as germs. Allow it go enough time and also your device might drain germs along with mist or vapor. A minimum of when a week, shut off your humidifier and get cleaning– however you can do it a lot more often if you or anybody in your family has respiratory troubles.

To maintain your humidifier in tip-top form, we sought advice from Carolyn Forte, Director of the Home Appliances as well as Cleaning Products Labs at the Good Housekeeping Institute, for the basic actions you’ll need to take depending on the kind you have. “It’s constantly best to follow the cleaning instructions of your design,” she says. “The key, whatever the kind, is to clean and also preserve it frequently. 

Stagnant water is a magnet for microorganisms growth and also you don’t want germs gushing back into the air, especially if family members experience bronchial asthma or allergic reactions.”


Strong suit advises keeping the owner’s manual for specific maintenance directions (at the very least up until you master it). If your guideline booklet is long gone, you can call the manufacturer or consult their internet site, but below the basic essence of what you need to do.

What you’ll require

You don’t need (as well as shouldn’t use) detergents or rough brushes to clean a humidifier. Simply gather the following:


Distilled white vinegar


Fluid chlorine bleach


A small, soft brush, like a tooth brush or nylon dish brush

Exactly how to clean your humidifier

Both amazing mist as well as warm vapor humidifiers utilize a comparable treatment, however a few of the components may differ. Some brand names may also have parts that are dishwashing machine risk-free. Inspect the owner’s guidebook to ensure.


Unplug and also clear the humidifier, as well as dismantle it totally.


For the base as well as container, put one to 2 mugs of undiluted white vinegar into the water storage tank and swish it around to totally damp the inside of the container. (Some brands suggest a mix of white vinegar and also water.).


Location the vinegar-filled container on the base and enable the vinegar to drain pipes into the storage tank to loosen up mineral build-up. Let’s say 15-20 minutes.


Empty the vinegar from the container and also base and use a tiny brush to scrub gaps and also get rid of any type of stuck-on mineral deposits.


For small parts like the tank cap, clean with a clean towel or sponge dipped in full-strength white vinegar.


Wash all the parts thoroughly as well as air completely dry, then reassemble.

Keep in mind: Don’t attempt to wash the wick filter as it can harm the paper-like material and also potentially remove an antimicrobial coating. You’re better off changing the filter with a brand-new one.