DIY Friday Easy knife block

DIY Friday: Easy knife block

Homemade knife block of painted glass jar and barbecue sticks Homemade knife block of painted glass jar and barbecue sticks

Homemade knife block of painted glass jar and barbecue sticks Give your DIY knife block a personal touch, here with flowers and lace If you are good at handicrafts, you can bake a wooden box together into a knife block A tall glass container filled with barbecue skewers as a knife block.  Change if necessary.  spear out with beans and lentils An old cake tin can also easily be given new life as a knife block Jam jars are available in most thrift stores, fill one with barbecue sticks and you have a DIY knife block A square can can also be used as a knife block, as long as the sides are straight, the shape of the container does not matter A metal container with a hole pattern used as a knife block Barbecue skewers are easy to grab and do not cost a fortune, so it is easy to make a DIY knife block. learn more about clean a knife block

If you have some good knives in the kitchen, it may be worth taking good care of them.

Having them lying cluttered around in a drawer is a really bad idea. Both because you can get terribly injured when you have to rummage around between the knives to find the right one, and because the cutters can become dull and crooked from that method of storage.

Instead, use a knife block to store your knives in.

It does not have to be an expensive investment, because you can easily (and quite cheaply) make one yourself, which you will get the instructions for on this DIY Friday.

The idea comes from the blog Another Brigt Idea , but there are also many others who have made a knife holder with lots of wooden sticks (find links to them at the bottom of the page).

She has used a glass jar which she paints and gives floral paper and a lace. It’s just a little too feminine for my liking, so I just think you should find a jar that, you think, is neat in itself, or decorate it to your personal taste.

Examples of jars that can be good:

  • Tall, narrow cake tin
  • Large tin can
  • Jam jar
  • High vase with straight sides
  • Tall ceramic jar

If you do not have such a tall jar with straight sides standing, you can take a trip to a thrift store where you can definitely find a suitable jar. And if you do not like the faven / motif on it, you can always give it a coat of spray paint (and floral paper and lace if you are up for it).

The jar does not have to be round, it can also easily be square, as long as it has straight sides.

The jar should preferably be lower than the grill sticks to be inserted. If the sides of the jar are much higher than the grill skewers, the knives will be down in the jar and thus harder to get hold of when using them. But if it is only a few cm, the jar is taller, it is not a problem.

The wider the jar, the more sticks you will need and the more knives you will fit.

It’s not exactly season for barbecue, so not all stores sell barbecue sticks at this time of year. But barbecue skewers can easily be found online. You can e.g. get 250 pieces in bamboo for 22.50 at HW Larsen .

Should some of the pegs eventually break the tips, they are easy to replace with new ones.

Materials for DIY knife block

High jar with straight sides

Grill sticks – enough to fill the jar completely

How to easily make a DIY Knife Block


Fill grill pots into the jar with the tips facing up.

By having the tips up, it is easier to get knives down between the pegs than if they have the flat ends up.



Put knives in your new knife block and let it decorate the kitchen bread.