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DIY: Apply Lime Paint in Mariska Oldenburg’s Bedroom

Mariska has been living in a new house for a year now. Still in Rotterdam, but no longer in a dream loft. She and her boyfriend bought a hundred-year-old double upper house with stunning stained-glass windows. Because the house is on a corner, a sea of ​​daylight flows in. Mariska now mainly works with neutral tones, but in the bedroom the walls were still white. Time to change that. Because yes, when Interior Junkie comes along, there must at least be a dark color on the wall. Fortunately, Mariska was in for a dark shade of gray. In the hardware store where we went to pick out the pots, she was already very enthusiastic. And then it wasn’t even on the wall. In good spirits, we started to apply this DIY lime paint together.

Step 1

Degrease the wall

The step I always like the least, but very important is: degreasing the wall. You can do this with ammonia, but it smells like that, so I always use soapy water with a paint cleaner. A well degreased wall ensures that the paint takes better.

Step 2

Just roll!

You would think that you would only apply lime paint with a brush, but that is not the case. You do the first layer with a paint roller to make the surface nice and even. You can roll some paint on it. To be on the safe side, I bought two pots of paint for this wall, because quite a bit goes through because the paint is a bit thicker. That is precisely why you will soon get that beautiful ‘Sloppy’ effect. Once you have rolled the first layer, wait an hour. We actually had to wait two hours, but the stove was blaring nicely, so the first layer was already dry within an hour.

Step 3

Just brush!

Now comes the best moment: applying the cool effect. Mariska really wanted jobs from top to bottom, but depending on your wishes, you can also do this differently. For example, from left to right or diagonally. For this effect you use a block brush because you get such beautiful jobs. You’re doing this wildly. For example, we started on the left with the first lane the width of the brush and skipped a lane, as it were. After we finished all the jobs, we started painting the skipped jobs. And so you get that typically worn effect. Note: once you have painted all the strips, you do not have to touch up here and there, because you can see that immediately and it is not beautiful. Then you let it dry for another hour. Exciting though …

Step 4

Enjoy the end result

It has become so beautiful. After barely an hour we saw the lime paint effect on the wall. The television corner has suddenly become a lot more interesting, right?

The finishing touch

Mariska and her boyfriend’s bedroom was already beautiful, but they still lacked warmth. So I took the wonderfully fleecy Sienna rug for her in a beige color. Oh, so soft on the feet when she gets out of bed. It immediately makes the room a lot more atmospheric. I also knew that she no longer liked the frames on the wall, so I immediately brought a framed illustration and a wall hanger. As a bonus, I also stole the brass table lamp, Lex, on her enviable marble bedside table.