Decorating Your Balcony: Styling Tips for Your Balcony

This spring you will enjoy your balcony to the fullest. How? With our styling tips. In no time you can transform your balcony into a lovely place to relax after a long day at work or to have a drink in the evening while the sun disappears behind the roofs.

Saar Königsberg

Saar Königsberg about her ultimate living happiness. Saar can often be found outside on her roof terrace in Amsterdam. She has turned this into a true ‘roof garden’, as she calls it. Saar draws her inspiration from travel and allows all kinds of ethnic influences to be reflected in her interior.

The best styling tips for your balcony

Who does not honor the small .? You really do not need lots of space to create a nice outdoor space. What do you have to take into account when styling your balcony? We list a number of things.

Space saver

You probably have room for one piece of furniture on your balcony. So choose something that you can sit on with several people if you like to have people over. Or provide a cozy bench for you and your partner and hang up a few folding chairs if you need more seating. A table is of course indispensable. A real space saver is a storage unit that immediately functions as a table. If you like it, you can also make it with this fun DIY. You can also buy many tables that you hang on your balcony railing. No legs to get in the way and still room for a beautiful plant!

Make inside and outside one

Extra important if you live small: let the inside go through to the outside. Opt for the same style of outdoor furniture and decorations – such as cushions and plant pots – and your balcony will become an extension of your living room. Also, think about the floor of your balcony: isn’t it that beautiful? Then extend the feeling of the floor in your living room by laying out a beautiful outdoor rug or wooden decking on your balcony.

Privacy, please

If you live in the city, it is nice to have a little privacy on your balcony. Screen your balcony with bamboo or a balcony screen. Would you rather hide behind more greenery? Then place larger plant pots in a strategic location or grow ivy. View the best DIYs to make a planter yourself here.


You don’t want to miss out in the evening when you grab a shot of the cocktail nuts. Atmospheric lighting is therefore essential. Check-in advance whether your lighting is suitable for outside. Hang up a nice string of lights, set up atmospheric tea lights, opt for a large candle or gather around a cozy fire pit in the evening for light and warmth.

Vegetable garden on level

In addition to being a nice place to relax, your balcony can also function as a mini vegetable garden. Fresh basil for pasta, tomatoes for a snack in between, or crispy lettuce for a summer salad – you just harvest it yourself. Set up a number of large pots or a nice cultivation container, buy herbs and vegetable or fruit plants that can withstand heat (such as rosemary, basil, and tomatoes), and give your plants enough water and love. Before you know it you eat fresh from your balcony.