Decorate Your Bedroom Like This!

Oeps! Do you still need to furnish your bedroom? Or enjoy yourself? Very recognizable! The bedroom is usually one of the neglected children in the house. You see it often: the first floor is perfectly styled, the children’s rooms have the coolest colors and furniture, and what often comes last? Or happens snappy? Yep … the master bedroom 😉

That will soon be a thing of the past. Because after reading this home blog, you can transform your bedroom into a true sleep paradise. You can go a long way within a day!

But first…

What will all be in your bedroom? Of course a nice bed, probably a nice sliding or wardrobe anyway, and one or two bedside tables. Do you also want to be able to sit comfortably? Or ‘tuting’? Think carefully about what you want to do there, then determine your basic elements and adjust your plan of action accordingly.

Bedroom interior – the basic elements

Some examples of basic elements at a glance:

  • A bed to dream of
  • Tough tree trunk side tables
  • A (fixed) sliding door wall or (freestanding) wardrobe
  • Bedroom floor
  • Carpet
  • Bedroom


  • Wall finishes • Window coverings
  • Lazy chair
  • Dressing table
  • Clothes rack
  • Mirror (visually enlarge your space!)
  • Artwork, painting or wall drawing (personal & distinctive)
  • Bedroom accessories (cushions, throws, pouf, plants, etc.)

Do you find it difficult to determine, for example, which lighting is the most beautiful? How it can best be applied? Whether you should use blinds, roller blinds, pleated or traditional curtains? We are happy to help you make the right choices to decorate your bedroom beautifully. Tough, chic, romantic, rural or industrial … of course entirely in your style!

What colors do you choose for your bedroom?

The influence of colors may be greater than you think. For example, did you know that red increases your appetite? And the color blue that decreases again? Colors even influence your mood: red gives warmth, arouses enthusiasm and passion, while the cool color blue, on the other hand, radiates calm and tranquility.

When you consider the main function of a bedroom – sleeping – it is therefore important which color you choose. The main (psychological) effects of some colors:

  • Red – strength, sensuality & love
  • Orange – energy, warmth & dynamics
  • Yellow – cheerfulness, warmth & inspiration
  • Green – calm, nature & balance
  • Blue – coolness, reliability & tranquility
  • Purple – wealth, wisdom & mysticism

White, gray, and black also influence our brains. Think carefully about which color you choose, it is an important mood maker in the bedroom.

Determine the right color combinations for your bedroom

To determine the right color combinations, ask yourself the following question: what atmosphere do I want to create?

  • Peace and security?

Use natural colors such as white, gray, brown, and beige, possibly combined with soft, subtle pastels such as green, purple, and blue.

  • Cheerfulness and energy?

Then choose warm, striking colors such as yellow, orange, or red. Ideal if it is difficult to get out of bed in the morning 😉 Golden yellow, honey-yellow, pastel orange or ruby ​​red… plenty of choices! Check the color fan in the store or use the handy online color tool to see which color shade or color combination suits you (and your furniture) perfectly.

  • Wealth and mystery?

Dark colors give a feeling of richness. Mystery. Lust. Make a room appear smaller, creating an intimate (er) atmosphere. Beautiful dark colors for the bedroom are carmine red, chocolate brown, and dark purple.

Need more bedroom interior ideas?

Check out our Pinterest page for the best bedroom ideas, color inspiration, and of course: our favorite color of the month!

Good luck with styling your bedroom! And do you want to know more about applying the right floor, curtains, wall finishes, paint colors, and/or decor for your bedroom? We are happy to help you with a free and no-obligation bedroom styling advice!