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Cleaning Your Rug, It’s Easy With These Tips!

Do you already have a rug in your home? A  rug is an ideal item to easily give your living room, hallway, or bedroom a new look. It is important to regularly make a carpet or mat free from chips and dust. Nevertheless, cleaning carpets, rugs and mats can sometimes still be a  difficult job. So how do you actually do that? I have made a step-by-step plan so that your rug really becomes the eye-catcher of the interior again.

1. Cleaning your rug: where do you start?

It is important to ensure that all dust, hair, and dirt are removed from the carpet before the big cleaning because after that you can really start with the thorough cleaning. A carpet beater is a handy way to get most of the dirt out. Do you have a heavy mat? Then it is wise to ask someone for help. Lift the rug out together and turn the mat over. Then you beat everything out of the mat so that all the dirt is out. You could use a carpet beater for this, but you can also beat everything with your hands. This immediately makes the carpet look a lot cleaner and you have done a good muscle training for your arms right away!

2. Make the rug dust-free

Vacuuming is best done twice a week. By regularly going over the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, you prevent an accumulation of dirt. Use the corresponding baseboard, furniture, and crevice nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to take the dots with you. Do not delay cleaning the carpet for too long and also try to do a thorough clean up once every six months. A steam cleaner is a perfect tool to really clean the carpet completely. It is a device that uses steam to kill mites and bacteria. This way the carpet is cleaned quickly and effectively. Steam the carpet in straight lines and try not to go over a spot more than once to avoid damaging the rug. This is because the steam is hot and natural fabrics such as wool cannot handle it very well. It is therefore not wise to use a steam cleaner on non-synthetic fabrics.

3. Clean stains from your rug

After vacuuming, it is time for a thorough cleaning. Do you have a stain in the carpet? Always start immediately with lukewarm water and a cloth. If dabbing doesn’t work, you can use shampoo or mousse. Shaving cream, for example, helps remove that pesky red wine stain. Homemade products you can also use it to save your carpet. For example, baking powder can be used against different types of dirt. If you have it at home, you can use this to sprinkle some powder on the stain as soon as possible. Then pour a little water over it and let the mixture sit for a few hours. Is the stain still not gone? Then I advise you to repeat the process after two hours. Ink or felt-tip pen stains are best treated with milk. If dabbing with milk does not work, choose a more powerful cleaning agent such as spirit or turpentine. Be careful with this, because these products can damage or discolor your rug. Coffee stainon the carpet? Then choose to use a damp terry cloth towel. Place the towel over the coffee stain and let it sit until the cloth has dried. If the stain hasn’t disappeared after that, you can use a specialist stain remover. A red wine stain is more difficult to treat than a white wine stain. This is because red wine has more color. To remove the red wine stain, use absorbent chalk powder. When the powder has dried, vacuum it up with a vacuum cleaner.

4. Wash your rug

Would you rather not wash out the means by yourself? Fortunately, there are washing machines that can clean your small rug. Pay attention and look at the label on the carpet to see if it can be put in the washing machine at all. If you can, just put it in the washing machine at a maximum of 40 °C. After this, give the carpet time to dry. If you have a small rug or rug, it is best to hang it outside or set it down until everything is completely dry. Do you have a wall-to-wall rug that cannot be hung? Then try for example with a hairdryer to evaporate the moisture. Never put the rug in the dryer. This will damage the rug. Do not forget to also clean the washing machine thoroughly after washing.