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A pleated screen door is an ideal solution to keep out biting and stinging insects. This screen door is an innovative design. The pleated screen door is a combination of folded mesh, very strong stabilization cords, and an aluminum frame. The screen door is made of aluminum and therefore resistant to almost all weather conditions. The pleated screen doors are very suitable for both inside and outside the house.

A pleated screen door is the most commonly used type of screen door. Simply put together your custom pleated screen door at Horrengigant. Use the handy configurator. You can see the pleated screen door prices while you assemble the screen for the door. You can also see an indication below in the table.

Customize a Pleated Screen Door How Does It Work?

You can assemble your pleated screen door with the configurator in just a few simple steps. These are the steps:  

For which type of door would you like to buy a pleated screen door? 

Do you have a revolving door, sliding doors or do you have patio doors?

What type of pleated screen door do you want?

Here you are going to compose

the pleated screen door. Enter the dimensions of the pleated screen door. Then choose where the pleated screen door should be mounted; in or on the frame? Choose whether you want a single door or two pleated screen doors that close together. Choose the color.

Choose which accessories you want with the screens. 

Measure the Pleated Screen Door

When putting together a Plissé screen door, it is important that you measure the dimensions carefully. You have already measured the sizes in a few simple steps:

Make sure that you always measure the dimensions of the Plissé screen door between the frames

Measure the height on both the left and right sides of the pleated insect screens

Measure the width at both the top and bottom of the pleated insect screens

Then enter the smallest measured size in the configurator to order your pleated screen doors

As you can see, you can easily measure the dimensions of your pleated screen doors yourself.

How Long Do Plissé Doors Last?

Pleated screen doors are of very high quality. They are resistant to all weather conditions and can therefore be used indoors and outdoors. The pleated screen doors are practically maintenance-free. Only when the screen door is not in use, it is recommended to regularly clean the bottom guide. This allows you to be more sure that the pleated screen door will continue to work smoothly. The pleated screen doors have parts made of high-quality materials. The screen door will therefore last for years.

What is a Horrengigant Plissé Hordeur

The Suave pleated screen doors are 100% custom-made. The standard pleated screen door (Standard does not say anything about the size but about the implementation) is custom-made in width and semi-custom-made in height. It is delivered in height with steps of 30 mm. This may allow you to see the black hood. Click here for the size chart. The Suave pleated screen doors are ideal as an insect screen door or as a mosquito screen door. 

A margin of 30 mm in height always applies to the Suave. You do not have to take this into account.

The pleated screen door is easy to install yourself and fits in almost any frame. Partly due to the wide range of dimensions, there is a solution for every door. Pleated screen door systems are ideal in situations where a large width is bridged. With a screen door, it is also possible to create a large door. This can be done by means of a so-called coupling profile, whereby several screen doors can be joined together to measure.

With sliding doors, the pleated screen door can be easily operated by means of an optional sloping bottom guide. There is the so-called day set for pleated screen doors that are mounted on the frame. This creates a ‘frame on frame’. If you want to know more about this, visit our screen for the sliding doors page.

Install the Pleated Screen Door

When you have finished assembling your pleated screen door, we will make the screen completely custom-made so that you can easily install it. Installing the screen door is easy if you follow the steps in the installation manual. You will receive the correct installation manual. The installation instructions can also be found here. If it is not possible to install the pleated screen door, please feel free to contact us. Our employees are ready to help you as well as possible when looking for a door screen!

Maintenance Pleated Door

To enjoy your pleated screen door for as long as possible, it is important that you properly maintain the screen for the door. Fortunately, this is quite easy. You can maintain your screen door as follows:

  • Wet a cloth
  • Run the cloth along with the mesh of the screen door
  • The mesh of the insect screen door dries up by itself
  • The pleated screen door frame is also easy to clean with a wet cloth

It is also possible to easily tidy up the custom pleated screen door during the autumn and winter. It is very easy to disassemble a pleated screen door. The screen door has handy mounting clips, making the screen door easy to store. This also makes it very easy to replace the pleated screen door. 

Can Pleated Screen Doors Also Be Used Outside?

Yes, pleated screen doors are suitable for both outside and inside. If the screen door is used for outside, clean the screen door regularly. Especially the bottom guide.

Is There a Warranty on the Pleated Screen Doors?

Yes, the pleated screen doors come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. This applies to both the pleated screen door Standard and Suave.

What Color is the Mesh of the Pleated Screen Door?

The mesh of the pleated screen doors is available in 2 colors: anthracite and light gray.