Boost Your Windowsill With 5 Handy and Original Styling Tips

A windowsill is an ideal place to place plants, pots, and candles. Unfortunately, it also quickly turns into a gathering place for prularia. Although these are often small accessories, the whole quickly becomes unbalanced, and instead of rest, you create pressure. Styling your windowsill in a beautiful way can complete your interior.

Everyone has their own style, of course. One person likes a lot of green, while the other prefers to keep it simplistic. That is why we have listed several tips for a well-styled windowsill for you.

Style your windowsill with 5 tips

1. A nice tan

A windowsill is often left in a neutral color, but toss it over and give it a boost with a bright, eye-catching color. This makes the windowsill a real eye-catcher.

Finish it off by also giving your window frame a beautiful color and adding matching accessories on the windowsill. This will give your interior a boost!

2. Clustering accessories

A designer trick is the clustering of accessories. This means that you put the same kind of accessories together in a group to ensure peace of mind. If your windowsill is completely filled with anything and everything, it will be a busy place.

Put a few picture frames with personal photos on your windowsill or make it a place for plants in different plant pots.

3. Choose one color

By choosing vases, pots, flowers, or candles in one and the same color, you create peace. A lot of different colors in one place looks very busy and restless. Stay in the same shades a bit to keep calm.

4. Provide an eye-catcher

Don’t like an overly full windowsill? Then choose a real eye-catcher. Think of a beautiful vase, a special lamp, or a nice smelling candle. By placing a transparent item in the windowsill, such as a vase, you keep a view of the outside and the window is not bare.

5. Branches

Plants can sometimes get in the way of view and light. An alternative? Beautiful branches or dried flowers! You can put these in vases or lay them down separately.

Keep in mind the further decoration of the windowsill. By keeping the focus on the branches or dried flowers, you ensure that it does not become a chaotic scene.

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