Bedroom Wallpaper: Ideas, Inspiration And Tips

Bedroom wallpaper is perhaps viewed more often than the wallpaper of other rooms in our house. In many cases, however, the budget (or the wallpaper) is already used before we start on the bedroom walls. In the beginning, we have wild ideas of what our ideal bedroom will look like. But in reality, we often end up with simple wallpaper that makes the bedroom look dull.

We have searched the internet for the best bedroom wallpaper ideas and inspiration. These are our absolute favorites.

Geometric wallpaper for the nursery

If you are looking for hip children’s room wallpaper you will soon arrive at the standard wallpaper. Most stores refer you to cartoon characters and other slightly inspirational wallpaper. Do you want to give your child a unique children’s room? Then opt for geometric wallpaper that you will not soon see in another nursery. Also suitable for the baby room!

Is it paint or wallpaper? Vinyl wallpaper to fall in love with

More and more often the bedrooms come across where there is no wallpapering, but rather paint. Not surprising of course, if you take into account that by painting you can create a rougher environment in many cases. Industrial bedrooms in particular are doing well here. But there is bedroom wallpaper that can just as easily convey that rough idea: vinyl wallpaper. And as you can see above, that can lead to a great result.

Photo wallpaper brings your bedroom to a completely different place

Do you want to emotionally move your bedroom to a place where your heart lies? Whether on a beach or among the thick pine trees: photo wallpaper for the bedroom is ideal to give your living room a completely different atmosphere. With large rolls of wallpaper, you can have a photo appear on your walls. And with some webshops, you can even have your own photos developed as wallpaper.

Colorful floral wallpaper for the daredevil

Do you dare to combine colors? Aren’t you afraid of entering a striking mix? The classic floral wallpaper does not disappoint anyone or you. If you then also succeed in finding the right bedroom furniture for it, it can’t go wrong anymore.

Motifs that can be combined with everything

But occasionally you have that wallpaper that really can be combined with everything. What do you think of the bedroom wallpaper below? Bring the spring into your home and never let it leave your bedroom again. This typical vinyl wallpaper is perfect with large house plants and light accessories.

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