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All the Practical Tips You Can Use When Tidying Up Your Entire House

Tidying up your house is probably not a favorite job (neither with us!). Unfortunately, it has to happen once in a while, and we always want the most efficient and pleasant ways to get our home tidy and clean. If you are also looking for a little more inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place.

Believe it or not, tidying up can feel really good. It is a physical task with a pleasant result. So try to see the benefits of it. Believe us: living in a tidy house is simply a lot nicer than living in a messy house.      

Cleaning up your house: practical tips to get you started

This is where you need to start cleaning up your house

Are you a real mess and is your whole house a mess? Then it is difficult to determine where to start and how to clean up everything. Do you just throw everything away? And where should you store it? To begin with, there are five questions you can ask yourself before you start cleaning up. These make cleaning your house a bit easier.

Tidying up is not a favorite task of anyone, but some people hate it more than others. We have another good idea for people who are really not a fan of tidying up.

In February Roomed did the Cleanup Challenge. Every day we tidy up part of the house for 15 minutes for a month. That resulted in a clean and tidy house at the end of the month. A good challenge to do if you don’t like cleaning up for hours on end. Here you will find all articles of the Roomed Clean Up Challenge.

Cleaning up different areas in your home

Often every room in your home needs a different plan of action. In your bedroom you have a shortage of storage space, in your kitchen, there is too much on the counter and in the bathroom, there are too many things that you no longer use. In short: you can use different tips for every room.

Let’s start cleaning up the bedroom. It is unfortunate to sleep and unwind in a room where you feel restless. Clutter creates a feeling of unrest. That is why it is so important to tidy up your bedroom regularly. Tackle these four things first when you start tidying up your bedroom.

Is your bathroom a mess and you can no longer find what you need? These are 21 things in the bathroom that you can clean up or replace anyway.

Your kitchen is a space that you use a lot every day. It is therefore logical that it is a bit messy now and then, especially after you have finished cooking. Still, it is better to cook in a neat kitchen. With these tips, you ensure that your kitchen is always tidy.

Working a lot at home nowadays? Then you also know that it is nice when your working environment is a bit cleaner. We ask our favorite cleaning guru Marie Kondo for help. Marie Kondo has three easy tips for a tidy workspace that makes your work-life fun. Have you got the hang of it now? This is how you organize your office in Feng Shui.

Clearing up for the advanced

Are you gradually starting to hate tidying up your house? Congratulations! You become a real cleaning professional. Did you know that you can learn a lot from Marie Kondo?

Netflix has a series of hers where she cleans people’s houses in her own efficient way. You can apply her cleaning methods to any part of the house. Read more about Marie Kondo and her way of tidying up here.

Are you completely done with cleaning up your house every time? We understand that very well. In order to have to tidy up less often, there are a number of habits that you can learn so that you always have a clean and tidy house.

Never enough storage space

The biggest problem with tidying up your house is the lack of storage space. That is often the reason that clutter accumulates because there is nowhere to put it away. Especially in a small house, it is difficult to create more storage space. But we also have solutions for that.

In a small bedroom, you have to make do with what you have. Still, you like to have space for your clothes and a few other essentials. Use these five helpful tips for more storage space in a small bedroom. Isn’t that enough yet? Then it is also a good idea to make more storage space under your bed.

You also create more storage space by saving space in your house. It is important that you are smart about the rooms in your house. For example, work more vertically and use empty corners in your house. Do you live in a studio or small apartment? This way you save space.

Not only is it handy to store things smartly. It also just looks nicer in your interior if you use cute fun storage methods. These are some great tips to tidy up your home office nicely