8 Ways to Make Your Home More Child-Friendly

Do you have or have young children at home? Very cozy of course, but not necessarily for your interior. It is smart to decorate a house with children slightly differently than when you only have adults in the house. That’s how you do that:

Children play, run, mess and you name it. Your interior must be made for this. With these eight ways you can make your home safe and fun for the kids.

  1. Rounded furniture

The first way is obvious: make sure your furniture has no sharp edges or corners. This can be done by, for example, taking a round table or a bench without legs. This way, children cannot touch this.

  1. Closed storage cupboards

Children can be pretty naughty and, for example, secretly take the cookies from the pantry. Or even worse: open up cleaning products! Prevent this by closing your cupboards with a door or by using drawers and putting an extra safety lock on it, so that only adults can open them. This also prevents things from accidentally falling out of the cupboard.

  1. Sofa without cushions

You may never have thought about this, but go for a couch without loose cushions. Children love to pull, kick or jump on these pillows. So if you take a sofa without cushions, this will not happen and your sofa will remain the most beautiful. Of course you can simply put beautiful decorative pillows on the couch.

  1. Consider the material

When purchasing your couch, chairs, floor coverings, etc., consider whether the fabric can be cleaned properly. This way, accidents can easily be cleaned up without seeing anything afterwards. For example, choose a cover that you can take off the couch and throw in the washing machine. Tile floor covering is also handy because you can easily clean it.

  1. Storage space

You may underestimate it, but eventually children collect quite a few toys. So make sure that you have a good storage place so that it is not scattered everywhere.

  1. Own place

If you have the space, you can set up your own place for your child. Decorate a nice corner with his or her things, a handy toy box or a desk.

  1. Good kick

For the safety of your child you must also take into account the type of stairs. Earlier we wrote about how to choose the best kick for a child-friendly household.

  1. Electrical outlets

Sockets and those little fingers remain a scary combination. Take it for granted and cover your sockets with socket protectors.