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8 Useful Tips for Styling and Buying a Bakery Cupboard

A baker’s cupboard consists of a metal rack with wheels and is further equipped with wooden shelves. Such a cabinet is still a popular industrial item in many interiors. This is because the bakery cupboard looks stylish, but also because it is a versatile piece of furniture. With this versatility, styling your baker’s cupboard can sometimes be a challenge. We lend a hand.

A bakery cupboard is an open cupboard, so you can use it for decoration at home. This cabinet is both functional and decorative. Whatever you do with it; we have a few tips.

How to style a bakery cupboard

1. Full of plants

A baker’s cupboard is a wonderfully central place for a number of plants in the house. By decorating this closet with wooden plants with your green friends; you almost create a jungle-like vibe in your home. The greenery and wood bring out the best in each other.

2. Personal items

A bakery cupboard often has wide high shelves where you can put a lot of things. Use it for beautiful personal items such as special photos of family, works of art, or for fragile and special tableware in the kitchen.

3. Extra storage space

There is never enough storage space in the house. Because it is an open cupboard, it is a bit messy when you just put all your things down. It is nice to buy baskets and bins in cool colors to store a few things there. Combine this with a number of plants and personal items and you have a beautifully styled bakery cupboard.

4. Hobby stuff

Don’t want to style your bakery cupboard with personal items, but rather use it as a functional cupboard? Then it is the perfect place to store hobby stuff. For example, do you love baking, and do you have beautiful baking books and cake tins? Then put them on display in your bakery cupboard. A great hobby is something you can show off.

5. Not too full

A cluttered baker’s cupboard loses its charm, so be careful not to overfill the cupboard with all sorts of mess and mess. Keep it tidy and don’t overfill with stuff.

6. As a side table

There are also smaller, low cupboards that are nice to use as a side table next to your sofa or as a nightstand next to your bed. A good place to store a warm blanket and put your book when you pause reading.

7. With beautiful lamps

Make your closet completely attractive with the help of warm beautiful lamps. Especially in combination with a few green plants and personal items you can make it a unique place in your house.

8. In the nursery

Just had a baby? Then you also know that you like to have all the things for the baby within reach. An open cupboard such as a baker’s cupboard is ideal for storing essential items for changing and feeding your baby.

Here you buy a bakery cupboard

Good to know: bakery cabinets often have a low price. Susanmacatee has many types of bakery cabinets in their range; from small cabinets to a lot higher cabinets where you can use a lot. Do you not like wheels under such a bakery cupboard? Then IKEA has a nice alternative to the baker’s cupboard without the wheels.