Kitchen Life Hacks

8 Ultimate Super Handy Tips And Tricks For The Kitchen

NONE – Whether you are a hobby chef or a real chef; tips you can never get enough, right? That’s why we give you eight super useful tips to make life as a kitchen princess just that little bit easier

1. Baking tins

Putting a romantic breakfast on the table has never been so easy. Use your baking tins for baking the most beautiful eggs! Also nice for pancakes!

2. Ice cubes

Ice cubes are indispensable in the summer months. But did you know that you can use this handy holder for much more than just water? For example, pour wine into it. Handy if, for example, you want to add a dash of wine to the food. Or how about coffee ice cubes for your home-made ice coffee? Or ice cubes with fresh fruit? Use your imagination!

3. Fresh wedges

We all know him: the handy apple cutter. But did you know that you can also use this kitchen tool for your potatoes? So you have fresh wedges in an instant.

4. Cut tomatoes

Do you think cutting small foods like tomatoes and grapes is such a tough job? Then we have the solution. Place the tomatoes on a plate. Then place another plate on top of it, put a sharp knife through the space between the plates and your tomatoes are cut. Easy!

5. Remove crowns

Strawberries are the ultimate summer fruit. Do you also love these red fruits, but do you struggle again and again with those annoying crowns? Then gently push a straw on the underside of the strawberry upwards. And voilà, the result is a manageable summer girl!

6. Fill the melon

You cut melon into pieces and put the rind in the trash can. Sin! Because this colorful bark is perfect as a dish. Hollow it out, fill it with fresh fruit and your summer table will suddenly look much more festive.

7. Poach an egg

Poaching an egg is doomed by many to fail. But not for long. Because with this handy tip, even an amateur chef makes the most beautiful poached eggs. Break an egg over a bag, button it and let it slowly sink into the pan. Let it solidify and serve!

8. Pomegranate

We all know that pomegranates are super healthy, but you have to do something to get rid of the seeds. Yet there is a smart trick that makes things a little bit easier. Cut the pomegranate in half, hold it over a plate beat very hard with a ladle on the bark and the seeds fall out slowly.