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7 Ultimate Hacks for Organizing Your Wardrobe

If you are a little loose in the clothing, you probably know the problem: your closet is a mess and structure is not visible in any way. Every morning you open the closet doors and you realize again: I have to muck out and tidy up my wardrobe. If you are reading this, you are undoubtedly one of those people. So put it on the to-do list: organize your wardrobe and keep it tidy. And that’s how you do it.

Tidying up and cleaning is a task that many people dread, but trust us: once you take the first step, there is little more fulfilling than that.

Arrange a wardrobe

A beautiful interior also includes maintaining it. Which means that you have to tidy up and clean up regularly. And today it’s the turn of the wardrobe.

We are going to organize the wardrobe and ensure that it does not become a mess again. These hacks are guaranteed to help you.

1. Get everything in one pile

Before we start organizing the wardrobe, we first go through and assess all the clothes. Clothes that you no longer wear can go straight away.

After all, Marie Kondo pulls out all the stops and throw it all together. Make three stacks: keep, entertain, and donate/dispose of and sort all your clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Do you no longer put on a certain item of clothing, but do you think it is a shame to just throw it away? Sell ​​it through apps like Vinted or United Wardrobe. This way you make someone else happy and you earn something yourself.

2. Categorize your clothes

Now that all the clothes have been sorted out, the real work can begin: we are going to organize the wardrobe. Before you start setting up, it is good to determine what we will categorize on.

Storing your clothes in a categorized way provides an extra overview and makes it easier to find your items if you are looking for something specific.

Categorize your clothes by color (e.g. all black items together, all white items together, and everything colored) or by items (dresses with dresses, t-shirts with t-shirts, etc.).

3. Use boxes / boxes

Clutter drawers are disastrous for a tidy cupboard. Nobody likes a drawer that you can’t actually find anything in. First, decide what you want to keep in the drawers. Are these your accessories or is it your t-shirt and shirts?

You can tidy up the items you want to store in different boxes. This way you create specific places in your drawer to store everything, an overview is created and you can easily find your items.

4. Fold up

You will never again put away clothes unfolded. Repeat: you will never again put away clothes unfolded. As soon as we throw clothes back in the closet, it becomes a mess.

The queen of tidying up Marie Kondo has come up with a perfect folding method for this. If you always fold and tidy your clothes in this way from now on, your closet will remain tidy and organized.

5. Organize your shoes and get them out of sight

You want to be able to easily reach the shoes and slippers that you wear often. Put them in the cupboard or put them in a basket that you can easily reach. Occasional shoes can be placed (on a shelf) in the closet or in a box under the bed.

Handy: divide your shoes by color/occasion/summer and winter collection. This way you have a clear overview and keep it tidy.

6. Sort your accessories

You often have many more accessories than you know. It is therefore important to properly sort these items by type and / or color.

Choose a drawer and use different trays or a drawer insert with dividers, like this one from IKEA. Also, sort your accessories by color or category.

Are there any accessories that you only use in winter or summer? Store those accessories in a box under your bed or elsewhere.

Tip: If necessary, attach rods, handles, and hooks to the wall to hang accessories. Another handy item from IKEA is the hanging board that you can style according to your own needs.

7. Don’t forget the top shelf!

Sometimes the top shelves of a closet are forgotten. You can’t reach it, so you just put some junk in it that you never use (and you should actually get rid of it anyway).

You can use the top shelves of your closet to store winter coats, Christmas sweaters and other seasonal items in the summer and vice versa.

Also slide the boxes well back on the shelf, so that you use as much space as possible. The more you can store in the closet, the less space you have to use under your bed or in other places.

These hanging baskets can also be useful to use if you have space or want to do something different with them.

Keep wardrobe tidy

Has your closet been completely rearranged? Then it is now ‘only’ a matter of keeping things tidy. We have just mentioned it, but folding is the key to a tidy wardrobe. Always fold your clothes using the Konmari method and put it back in the drawer.

Have you worn something and are you cleaning it up again? Always place or hang the item you have used in the front of the drawer/cabinet. This way, you will eventually notice which items you actually never wear and you can then sell/donate them.