7 Tips for an Original Bathroom Design

Posted by Susan Mcatee

The layout of the bathroom has been made and now the fun part begins: choosing the colors, tiles, and plumbing! But how do you make an original bathroom design? I give you 7 tips that will help you on your way.

Earlier I wrote a blog post about bathroom layout, showed your bold bathrooms for inspiration, and told you how I designed my own bathroom. And now another blog post about bathrooms, haha. What can I say? I think bathrooms are interesting spaces because you can go all out in terms of (functional) design. There will be different elements in one room, each with its own material: tiles, stucco, and sanitary ware.

In addition, the bathroom is more than just a space that I simply need. It is a space where I come to relax and clear my mind. After a busy day, I fill the bath with eucalyptus bath oil and open my laptop to watch a series. Delicious!

This blog post is also for you if you don’t want a separate or striking bathroom design at all. So don’t quit if you don’t want bright pink tiles on the wall;) All these ideas can also be applied in a modest and light bathroom design.

# 1 Create an accent wall

By bringing the attention to one wall, you create peace in the room without it becoming monotonous. You can create such an accent wall by means of decorative tiles, unique shaped tiles, distinct color and/or material or by lighting it.

# 2 Paint the ceiling

Who says a ceiling has to be white? You make a statement with a painted ceiling.

# 3 Split up space

From ceiling to floor or by means of paneling. This way you can frame the various functions and emphasize the shape of the room.

# 4 Place unique fixtures

Matt black, gold, or even a colored fixture immediately adds character to the room. I am quite frustrated with the products that are available in the Netherlands: everything is chrome, you can hardly find gold, copper, or colored fixtures and when you find it, it is immediately twice as expensive.

# 5 Pick a prominent mirror

When you have a small space, a large mirror can visually give more space. It is also nice to choose a different shape mirror, for example, round or a custom mirror. A ceiling-to-floor mirror makes the room seem even higher than it actually is. A light strip behind the mirror immediately gives a feeling of luxury.

# 6 Add mood lighting

Lighting is always very important to me: the color and strength of the lighting immediately influence your mood. Functional bright light ensures that you can concentrate and stay alert while you go to a relaxed position with dimmed warm light. By installing unique mood lighting, your bathroom gets the character. This can be in the form of pendant lamps, LED strips, a table lamp, spots that illuminate something, or wall lamps.

# 7 Use contrasting materials

The variety of different materials makes your design special. Use contrasting textures such as glossy sanitary ware next to a matte tile or warm wood versus clear glass. Even if you don’t like color or bold tiles, you can create a unique design by using contrasting materials.