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6 Tips to Design Your Room With A Small Budget

Imagine: you have found fantastic ideas for a beautiful interior in your living room. But then you start looking for the same furniture and hops, much too expensive! We all know it, but it can also be different. You can set up your dream living room in these 6 ways, without having to dig deep into your pocket.

    1. Handy do-it-yourself decoration

Such fancy frames on the wall do not necessarily have to come from the store. You can make an artful photo wall with sturdy coat racks! Are you also looking for a handy solution to display your favorite books or records? Buy some wooden slats, sand them give them a lick of paint and attach them to the wall. Practical!

The same applies to that beautiful side table from the catalog. With a few wooden slats and a surface you create the perfect table for setting up your coffee, plate, or even laptop. Make sure that the beams are strong enough – if necessary; reinforce them with a plate – to support the weight.

  1. A second life

Is it not necessarily necessary to purchase something? Then you can just give that typical old bookcase a second life? Simply sanding and giving a coat of paint does a lot with your interior. Are you looking for it more creatively? Try turning a small wooden chair into a small storage cupboard. Plenty of choices! Be sure to send the result!

  1. Green!

What brightens up a home more than flowers and plants? Right! A tree in the house works wonders! Not useful enough? Then try hanging spice racks. That way you ‘reap’ the benefits.

  1. Decorate with love

This is very simple. Think about what you like, and just put it in the spotlight! Do you like to play music? Then you can, for example, put a guitar or jukebox in your interior. Fan of African art? Go for it.

  1. Multifunctional furniture

A coffee table that opens with cookies, milk, and sugar? Your guests won’t believe their eyes! And what about an ottoman? You don’t have to use the typical round seat cushion as a footrest. You can also store an extra pillow; blanket or even thick socks in it so that you can sit in the cozy evening.

  1. Out-of-the-box

Last but not least: whatever you have in mind, keep all options open. Maybe you don’t necessarily need that expensive seat and a giant beanbag is enough. Is that coffee table way above your budget? Then you can always buy or even make an alternative. With a little creativity, you can get a long way!