Kitchen Life Hacks

6 Reasons to Have Your Kitchen Sprayed!

Did you just buy a house, but isn’t the kitchen exactly your color? We give you 6 reasons to have your kitchen sprayed.

1 | Save on the costs of a new kitchen

If you buy a new house, chances are that the kitchen is outdated or not entirely your style. Most people think of replacing them first. But yes, there is of course a (hefty) price tag on it


2 | A complete kitchen renovation (for little)

Did you know that when spraying the kitchen, not only the doors are taken along? The fronts and any other panels are also professionally sprayed in the same color. And is the kitchen top also in need of replacement? Do you prefer a concrete counter top? Or do you want other handles?

Whatever your wishes are, you can have your entire kitchen fully restyled for a relatively low amount. Then you save money again for that crazy bank that you had spotted

3 | Determine your price yourself

At a kitchen sprayer such as the kitchen sprayers you can decide yourself what you want to spend on your new kitchen. Are you going for ultimate convenience, or do you want to do a part yourself? Depending on your wishes, you choose the method and the budget that suits you.

4 | You don’t have to worry about it

Are you going for the luxury, all-inclusive package (from € 1,095)? Then everything – but also everything – is arranged for you:

  • Disassembly of the kitchen doors at your home
  • Transport to the kitchen spray
  • Spraying your kitchen doors
  • Delivery & assembly of the fronts
  • Spraying fixed parts at your home

5 | No long waiting times

Selecting and putting together a kitchen takes a lot of time. Determining the layout, style, sorting out the things and equipment, measuring, the drawing … and then it will take at least another month or so before it can be delivered and placed.

By simply spraying your kitchen, it will be like new in no time. In addition to all the money that you save, anyway quite nice if you have a tight (relocation / renovation) schedule.

6 | Always a perfect match with your living style

In a professional kitchen spout, your kitchen doors are provided with a pre-selected layer of varnish, whatever material they are – so also foil doors. You are amazed by the result, betting? Also handy: Your cupboards are immediately wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.