Living Room

5 Tips to Make Your House (Room) Look Bigger

Unfortunately, you cannot always choose the size of your home, but fortunately, you can. Is your house small and nice, but would you like to make the living room seem more spacious, larger, and more open? With a few smart tips and tricks, you can still make the room look more spacious. You can decorate even the smallest living room!

1. Light colors

Color on the wall can make a world of difference. Light and soft colors, such as white, beige, and pastel colors, reflect the light and look fresh, making rooms appear larger. Dark colors can actually make it look like the walls are coming towards you. Many people also prefer the use of warm colors in their interior. Warm tones create a cozy and decorated atmosphere in the house. However, these colors also make your home appear smaller at the same time. Cool colors, such as mint or light gray, have a magnifying effect. If you want to make the room appear higher, it is wise to paint the walls and ceiling the same color. You will then no longer see dividing lines, making it appear more spacious. Heating pipes and radiators that hang in front of your wall, it is best to paint the same color as the wall. This way they disappear a bit more against the background. An advantage of neutral colors is that you can more easily change your accessories and your color palette around the house

2. Feet

Large, solid furniture that is close to the floor can make your room look smaller. Often, the more you can see on the floor, the better. With furniture on (high) legs, you can see under the furniture and this makes space seem more open. Therefore, opt for a TV unit and sofa on legs and set up a few small side tables that have different heights.

3. Floor

Floors are often laid length ways in a room. However, if you lay the floor in a diagonal direction, you can make the room appear wider. Tile floors, wooden floors and parquet, and laminate floors are very suitable for this. It is also smart to paint the skirting boards in the same color as the floor.

4. Lighting

Light is indispensable if you want to make your space appear bigger! In general, applies; the more daylight enters a living room, the more spacious and open it appears. Spaces that are not well lit feel cramped and appear tighter. Therefore, make sure that you can slide curtains open as far as possible. Another trick is not to put too much stuff in front of the windows or on the windowsill. Is your home not blessed with large windows? Then you would do well to put another lighting in your house. In addition, a variation in the height of the lamps makes a room appear more spacious. Consider, for example, a wall lamp and ceiling lamp, but also a beautiful lamp that stands on the floor. Do not forget to illuminate dark corners!

5. Mirrors

Mirrors can give a room more depth, width, height, or length. They create an extra dimension, as it were. In addition, mirrors reflect the daylight from outside. Furniture pieces with a glossy or reflective surface give the same spatial effect. It is best to choose one large mirror instead of several small mirrors. The room will then appear busier and messier.

A final, general tip is to keep your room as quiet as possible. It is of course nice to supplement your interior with all kinds of home accessories, but don’t overdo it. A room full of things lying around looks messy and therefore crowded. So try to remove unnecessary and redundant decorations and store them out of sight. A neatly tidy room feels nice and spacious.