Living Room

5 Tips For Designing Your Living Room

With the right tips for designing your living room, you can turn this central room into a place where you feel at home and where you can really relax. Because we spend a lot of time every day in the living room, it is important to give this space the attention it deserves. It is the place where you come home after a long day, spend time with family and friends, where your children can play, and where you may also eat and even work. Because the living room fulfils so many different functions, it can be difficult to furnish this space in a functional and attractive way. We explain in 5 steps how you can turn your living room into a space that fully meets your living needs: from layout to colour and material combinations and from the right furniture to lighting and decoration.

  1. Determine the functions of the room

To functionally furnish the living room, it is important to consider which functions this space in the house must fulfil. Do you want to be able to watch television properly or do you like sitting by the fireplace? Do you have to be able to eat, work or read and can there be a place for the children to play? Do you need a lot of storage space for, for example, books or toys or do you create this in another place in the house? Answer all these questions to find out what is important to you in the living room. On the basis of your wish list, you can determine what space can meet and you can focus on the layout of the room, choosing furniture and choosing the right lighting.

Living tip: the size of the living room largely determines the possibilities for the design, but in many cases, it also challenges you to use the space smartly and to combine various functions with each other. A small living room requires multifunctional furniture such as a coffee table with storage space or a TV unit that can also accommodate your favourite books. In a large living room, it is often a question of finding a good balance between functionality and atmosphere: in many cases, an extra cupboard for more storage space comes into its own.

  1. Furnish a room with a logical layout

When all the important functions for the living room have been determined and your priority list is complete, you can think about the most optimal layout of the room. A logical layout depends on various factors: can the sofa be focused on the television, do you want to sit around the fireplace or would you rather look at the garden? These sightlines determine the most important places of your (new) furniture. Also, keep in mind the walking routes in your living room: for example, do not place the dining table too close to the door to the hall and keep enough space around the sofa to be able to open the garden doors and walk outside.

Living tip:  with a map and cut-out furniture you can scroll endlessly on paper to discover which arrangements are and which arrangements are less suitable for your living room. In this way, you discover which furniture does and does not fit in the room.

  1. Determine your living style

When the basis of your interior is ready, it is time to determine which style of living you want to see in your living room and how you will create the atmosphere. Do you prefer Scandinavian, basic, modern or industrial or do you want to work with exciting combinations in a worldly or bohemian interior? If you and your partner do not have the same taste, you will be faced with a challenge. But it also offers possibilities to create a surprising mix of styles, colours and materials that will make you’re interior even more personal! Curious what your living style is? Take a look at Style Studios to see which style best fits your personal living taste.

Living tip: in our furniture stores, on Instagram, Pinterest and in living magazines you will find plenty of inspiration with which you can discover your living style. By creating mood boards with everything that inspires and appeals to you, you have good guidelines for choosing colours, materials and furniture for your new interior. Do you and your partner have completely different ideas about the design of the living room? Then make a mood board separately to discover what you both find important in your home. You will see that surprising combination can be imagined in which both your living styles are discussed.

  1. Furnish the living room with your favourite furniture

If you have chosen all the functions, the layout and the living style for your living room, the best part can begin the search for new furniture that meets your living requirements. Invest in a number of timeless items that form the basis for your interior and always keep your living needs in mind. Do you have a large family or do you often have family or friends over? An element bench offers many seats and can be placed flexibly in the room. Do you want to be able to watch television but also enjoy your garden? Then a swivel armchair offers a solution. The same applies to a dining table: a large family table offers enough space for cosy dining and possibly a place to work while a compact table saves space but at the same time offers fewer seats. If you want to save space and be able to dine extensively, an extendable dining table is a good solution!

  1. Styling the living room

When the basis is complete and the most important, large furniture for your living room has been chosen, you can add more atmospheres to your interior with smaller furniture and decoration. A warm woollen rug, side tables in different materials and structures, large plants, colourful wall art, soft plaids, a nice mix of decorative cushions on the couch and personal accessories on the wall or in the cupboard are the finishing touch and make your home. Really your home!

Living tip: in a good basis, accessories and home textiles are the finishing touches and real mood makers. Do you want to create a different atmosphere in an instant? Change the covers around your decorative cushions or put another rug in the seating area and your living room will have a completely different look.

Personal interior advice

No matter how many ideas you have, making choices and creating a nice home can sometimes be difficult. That is why our interior consultants are at your service 7 days a week in the Advice Atelier for personal interior advice within every living style and for every budget.

From a new piece of furniture to a complete interior with surprising colour and material combinations: with your personal interior consultant you map out your personal living wishes and living styles. Based on a map, photos and possible mood boards, the consultant makes customized advice to show you, feel and experience all possibilities immediately in the store. This is how your personal interior plan comes to life!